operation 18:18


Ezekiel 14:1-7, Then some of the elders of Israel visited me to ask me for a message from the Lord, and this is the message that came to me to give to them:  “Son of dust, these men worship idols in their hearts—should I let them ask me anything?  Tell them, ‘The Lord God says: I, the Lord, will personally deal with anyone in Israel who worships idols and then comes to ask my help.  For I will punish the minds and hearts of those who turn from me to idols.’ “Therefore, warn them that the Lord God says: ‘Repent and destroy your idols, and stop worshiping them in your hearts. I the Lord will personally punish everyone, whether people of Israel or the foreigners living among you, who rejects me for idols and then comes to a prophet to ask for my help and advice (TLB).

This is self-explanatory. Often, people harbor idolatry in their hearts and come to God for help. Throw away any idol in your heart before coming to God for help.

Pray –

  • Lord I have come to seek your face, graciously locate and utterly destroy any idol that I have cherished in my heart. Anything I have placed side by side you in the garden of my heart, anything that demeans your image and glory, Lord please roll it away. I pray for myself, make my heart perfect in Jesus’ name.
  • Lord grant me the grace to align with the frequency of heaven and let my heart be right in all ramifications, perfect and receptive to your instructions in the name of Jesus.
  • Help me oh God to be honest, sincere, humble, and seek you acceptably. Grant me grace to worship you in spirit and in truth in the name of Jesus.


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