Vital Lessons from the Wise Men

8. They were sacrificial givers.
For a worshipper, giving is living. You need not cajole a true worshipper to give because it is part and parcel of him or her. When a worshipper gives, he gives treasure, giving makes him fulfilled. He gives because his father is a giver. He counts it all joy to be used to bless lives. The cheapest thing anyone can give is money. Anything you release in order to do the will of God is enhanced. It does not live your world. It becomes a seed and until a seed falls down and dies it cannot amount to a harvest. Until your life becomes a seed, it cannot become a harvest. The greatest thing you can give is your life. Are you ready to be sold out? Giving should proceed from worship. It is not everyone who goes to Church that is a worshipper. The only worship God accepts is worship in spirit and in truth. Giving has been perverted in the Church today. It has now become transactional. People give to get. Giving is no longer done from the heart; it is now done like gambling. This is not true Christianity. If Jesus were to come down today, he would do exactly what he did to the Pharisees and chase some people out of the Church with a whip.

Pray –

  • Lord, please have mercy on me. Every wrong giving that I have ever done, forgive me. From today help me to give from my heart. Help me to give because of my love for you and nothing more. I know that you are a rewarder of those who diligently seek you and I declare that my service in your kingdom is a seed. Lord, I thank you because I know that no one can reward better than you. I bless and magnify your name.
  • Everything I do in the kingdom is for your purpose, out of the love I have for you. Lord, I know that you are a rewarder. I thank you. I bless and magnify your name because as long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest shall not cease.
  • Lord, give me more grace to continue to give because you are the one who gives seed to the Sower and bread to the eater. Grant me grace to have the right attitude towards your kingdom of righteousness. Thank you blessed Lord, in Jesus’ name.


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