In order to obtain God’s boundless gift of riches and glory, verse 5 of 2 Peter 1 says you need more than faith, you must work hard to be good. When you miss it, cry to God and ask him to help you never to fall again. God will hear your prayer and grant you grace. Grace is supernatural empowerment to do what ordinarily you are incapable of doing. Grace is not a license to live anyhow. True grace is supernatural empowerment to live above sin. If it is possible to live above sin for one day then it is possible to live above sin for one week, one month, one year and for the rest of your life. Grace is unmerited favor yes, but you must desire it, it is not thrown at you. Grace flows from the benevolent nature of God. Read Titus 2:11-15.

After working hard to be good, you must learn to know God better and discover his purpose for your life. We are all work in progress and as we acknowledge our shortcomings and ask the Holy Spirit to help us, God will answer and help us in our character as we become more and more like him. Do we have a part to play in this? Yes! Work hard at it, work hard at prayer, don’t keep silent; a broken and a contrite heart, God will not despise.

You must learn not to impose your will on the will of God. This will make possible the next step which is for you to enjoy other people and like them. By so doing, you will grow to love them. Thereafter, you grow strong spiritually to become fruitful and useful in God’s kingdom. Let this be your greatest heart desire.

Pray –

  • Lord, please help me. You know the areas where I am still struggling. You know my limitations, I do not pretend to know it all. Help me O God to straighten up so that I can be more spiritual, fruitful and more useful in God’s kingdom in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Show me the things that I need to drop and areas where I need to make amends. Help me O God, to imbibe your nature and your character in the name of Jesus.
  • Anything that makes me to fall short of your grace and glory, please roll it away and help me O God.
  • Guide me through the skillfulness of your hand till I become all you want me to be and accomplish all you want me to accomplish in the name of Jesus.
  • Do not allow me to leave anything unaccomplished that I should accomplish as you help me and lead me, show me the areas of my life where I need to make amends in the name of Jesus Christ.

Verse 9 of 2 Peter 1 – According to this scripture, if you fail to go beyond faith, then you are blind. God desires that you make progress in your walk with him. Becoming like Christ is the whole essence of discipleship. A disciple of Jesus is a disciplined follower of Christ, an ambassador of Christ. That is what God wants to make out of us.

Pray –

  • Father, I don’t want to be a blind Christian, I ask that you open my spiritual eyes and illuminate me. Drive away every darkness and give me light in abundance.
  • Help me not to be short sighted in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

God delivered you from the old life of sin so that you can live a strong good life for the Lord.

Pray –

  • Father, I thank you for your deliverance. I thank you for delivering me. The essence of this deliverance shall be fulfilled in my life. You delivered me so that I can live a strong good life for you. Lord, empower me starting from now to live a strong good life for you in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, as I progress in this journey, make my life better and stronger in the Lord every passing moment in Jesus’ name.
  • May God open wide gates of heaven for us to enter into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Lord, please help me. Where I am weak, please strengthen me. Grant me grace. Help me not to stumble or fall away in the name of Jesus.


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