(Day 15C) Covenant of divine protection and preservation
covenant prayers,  operation 18:18


Many a times, we fail to utilize the things that God has given us. Instead, we prefer to complain. Some people even believe the lie of the devil that God no longer answers their prayers. I was quite elated when the Lord told me that this is our year of Fresh Oil. I encourage you to memorize the entire Psalm 92 or at best take note of verse 10. Commit it to memory. It is going to produce results based on the revelation that you have.

There are laws that make things happen irrespective of who, where and when. Spiritual laws are self acting, self generating and self perpetuating and that is why it is difficult to stop anyone who is anointed from ascending the throne. No king reigned in Israel without the oil. Oil transforms you to another man. No priest or prophet officiated without the oil. The oil wraps up every good thing that God wants to do for his Church.

It is not only the oil of gladness, it is the oil of fruitfulness. It is the oil of greatness. It is the oil of comprehensive victories, victory after victories. You will come to a realm where you win everywhere – in the night, in the day, in the morning, in the evening, in the garden of the heart, in the garden of the home, in the garden of the ministry, in the field, in the wilderness and you will emerge more than a conqueror. Why? Those who win don’t win because of their muscle; they win because of an invisible hand that empowers them.

I had an encounter sometime ago where I saw a very tall tree, the tallest I have ever seen. This particular tree did not produce the type of fruit that it was meant to produce; instead, it was producing plantain. I was in a long line with others in front of me. Every one before me tried to reach that plantain by soaring but before getting half way, they dropped.

Eventually it got to my turn. I ran towards the tree and then took a leap at the right spot. I soared to a point where I discovered that I was beginning to lose steam but just about the time I started dropping, something inside of me was stirred up and I saw a hand lift me and that was enough to take me to the highest point of the tree where the plantain was.

The sweetest part of the encounter was that when I got there, I stretched forth my hand to cut off the stem that held it to the tree. As I did, I noticed some terrible black soldier ants all over my hand which bit me terribly. In distress, I stretched forth my hand and suddenly a big machete entered my other hand and with all the energy in me I gave it a cut. When the Lord anoints your ‘cut’, everything you do will be perfect, you will not miss it. It was an ordinary pebble picked up by David that eventually killed Goliath. An invisible hand guided that stone to the only place where there was an opening in the head of Goliath. Your prayers will not miss target this year in the powerful name of Jesus.

I started descending majestically with the bunch intact. On landing, I was greeted by a cheering crowd. You will be celebrated in the mighty name of Jesus. You will set new records in the name of Jesus. The fact that no person in your lineage achieved milestone success does not mean you will not achieve it. It is not by struggling or by chance, it is by God’s grace.


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