(Day 15C) Covenant of divine protection and preservation


It is very important that you take off on a powerful note, sustain it and ensure that you make it to the end because most of the time, life journey is not a one hundred meter dash. The Christian race is not a one hundred meter dash, it is a marathon, you must therefore sustain the momentum.

Every sprinter will tell you that you need to take off on a strong note powerfully depending on the journey. If it is a one hundred meter dash, you take off from the blast of the whistle powerfully and fire on. If it is a marathon, you take your time. Ensure that you reserve the greater energy for the last lap because there may be need to overtake others if you want to come first; this is very important. It is good that you take off on a strong note and finish on a stronger note. I keep reminding myself of this.

Operation 18/18 was not designed by any man. In ministry, I have taken a very simple approach and that is why I am not stressed. The ministry does not belong to me. As a matter of fact, I own nothing. I just follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. I love the wind dimension because it makes me soar. I don’t soar on the wings of an eagle; I soar on the wings of the Holy Ghost. In order to soar, all I need do to is to just align. It is not your business wherever the wind takes you. If you have ever had an out of body experience or seen yourself soaring in the air, you will discover that it is very sweet. Wherever you set your eye, he takes you there.

I also enjoy the fire dimension of the Holy Spirit. The fire dimension of the Holy Spirit is the power dimension and when you get to that dimension, no ‘wild beast’ can mess around with you. You need fire to enter into the enemy’s territory to take back what was stolen from you. The fire reminds me that even when I am asleep, he who keeps watch over me neither slumbers nor sleeps because the fire does not go down when I sleep, no, it continues to burn.

Every true man of God is a warrior. Every shepherd must be prepared to confront lions. Good shepherds do not fight for themselves but for the flock. The greatest Shepherd that ever lived is our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you do not experience the great things that God has in store for you, it is not because God has failed, it is because you blocked the flow. God will never force his blessings on anyone. Jesus saw a blind man and he asked – “what do you want me to do for you?” (Mark 10:51). God gave you a free will and he expects you to exercise it, he never took the right to use it away from you because he can never violate his absolutes. However, every decision has a price. One of the greatest prayers anyone can pray is: “Father, make it impossible for me to make wrong decisions.”


  • Lord, make it impossible for me to make wrong decisions in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Help me to always choose right; help me to always put the right foot forward in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Guide me by your Spirit. Help me by your Spirit. Empower me by your Spirit to finish well and finish strong in Jesus’ name.


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