Dominion over defilement
Sunday service


You need to ask yourself some vital questions – what is my inclination, what exactly is my heart panting after? Is my heart panting after God? At the beginning of this fasting and praying programme, I emphasized that if you are in the wilderness of life, you must not entertain lust. It was lust that finished Adam. May that not be our portion in the name of Jesus. It is the same lust that the devil capitalizes on. Defilement is Satan’s food. It is like dust.

What constitutes spiritual dust? Lust! Nothing more! The serpent has been consigned to be a dust eater forever, so wherever he finds dust he appears to eat its food.  When there is lust in the garden of the heart, the serpent appears to eat and then defecates there, leaving a stench behind. As soon as it leaves, other wicked spirits will appear. This is exactly what happens in the realm of the spirit. Many sicknesses are tied to this.

There is a close relationship between purity and radiant health. Fasting enables you to shed unnecessary weight. It has been proved scientifically that fasting is quite medicinal. Part of the blessings of fasting is that it promotes good health. During the period of fasting, the body undergoes self cleansing; excess cholesterol is burnt, excess sugar is burnt and you come out of the fast better and healthier.

Dross is concentrated dust. If you pack a car for several years, it will attract an accumulation of dust. That is dross. There are certain levels of dross that requires fire to burn away. I have seen this happen severally in the place of deliverance. Many years ago a woman came for deliverance prayers and when the fire fell, she started vomiting thick yellowish substance from her mouth and nose. Before that time, she had a medical report of cervical cancer. After the deliverance, she went for another test and to the glory of God, the cancer was no longer there. She was visibly transformed.

When the fire of the Holy Spirit comes down and burns the dross in your life, your real beauty will appear. Beauty is not something that is outside in, beauty that is outside in is fake, it is artificial. True beauty radiates from the inside out. There is nothing as beautiful as a pure heart. There is nothing in the realm of the spirit that is as glorious as a clean vessel. Such a person radiates and dazzles. Indeed cleanliness is next to godliness!

Anything that defiles stinks and anything that stinks sinks in line with the law of gravity. That is why we need to deal with it aggressively before it progresses to something else that leads downwards. Whatever is not moving upward will go down. If you follow an individual that is not pressing up, he will take you down. Human beings are like elevators; they either take you up or down. Any connection that you make either takes you up or down.

It takes a purposeful decision to serve God and make heaven at last; serve him according to his terms not according to your terms. If you fraternize with people who have acquired dust, it will rub off on you. If you frolic with sinners, you will become like them. May that not be your portion in the name of Jesus. The bible says in 1 Cor 15:33 “Evil communication corrupts good manners”.


Dear Heavenly Father, I worship and adore you. I ask for grace to break away from anything that defiles and damns the soul of man. Keep me undefiled all the days of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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