who shall ascend


Take note of the following:

D. Anything that is bitter attracts demons CONT’D.
Sometime ago, a brother in the Church invited me to his home to pray for his wife who he said was dying. Before leaving the house, I prayed and the Holy Spirit told me that the problem with her was bitterness. On getting to their home, the woman was in great pain and distress and could hardly sit up. I called her by name and told her, ‘you are bitter’. She confirmed this with an emphatic ‘yes’ and that every pint of her blood was calling for vengeance. I immediately told her that was the root of the problem. I sat down beside her and started using the scriptures to explain the implications to her. She broke down in tears; she was bitter towards her in-laws who had made her pass through a lot. To God be the glory, after leading her through some prayers, she got up completely healed and escorted me to the door with her husband.

Forgiveness is not optional for anyone who wants to ascend. It is mandatory. Deal with the issue of residual bitterness. Is there any residual bitterness in you? Take note that bitterness has roots according to Heb. 12:15. You can cut off the stem but have you dealt with the root? It has the ability to sprout even after the stem has been cut off. Bitterness has been proven to be the source of many psychosomatic illnesses. Bitterness brings defilement and whatever is defiled attracts demons. When demons come, they will eat and defecate and when they do, the cells of the person in question will begin to malfunction. When the person gets to the hospital, the diagnosis is likely to be an incurable disease. If there is anybody that you need to forgive, do so right now.  


  • Holy Spirit search my heart. Is there any root of bitterness in my heart, please help me to deal with it. I need your help, O God, in this matter. Grant me grace to release complete forgiveness to everyone that has ever wronged or hurt or misunderstood me.
  • Lord, have mercy in the name of Jesus and help me never again to hold anyone in unforgiveness in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, search though my heart, uproot bitterness from the garden of my heart; uproot every root of residual bitterness from my heart. Make it impossible for my heart to entertain bitterness and unforgiveness in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, please help me to have a pure heart. Like Daniel, I purpose in my heart that I am not going to be defiled in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord, make it impossible for me to be defiled.
  • I put the blood of Jesus Christ into the garden of my heart and declare that as far as the east is separated from the west so far the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son separates my heart from every form of bitterness. My heart shall not tolerate bitterness, my heart shall not tolerate unforgiveness, my heart shall not tolerate any trace of defilement in Jesus’ name.


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