who shall ascend


The first part of the scripture (Heb 12:14-14) is very important – follow peace with all men. It is quite difficult to walk in peace with some people but God will grant you the wisdom you need to be at peace with God first and foremost, with yourself and horizontally with men as much as possible. Peace is one of the fruits that the Holy Spirit deposits in our hearts, receive it in the name of Jesus. Receive wisdom to walk peacefully with people who make things difficult for you in the mighty name of Jesus. How we need it!

Before you can have a clean hand, your heart must be pure. It is easier to have clean hands when your heart is pure.


  • Lord, please cleanse my hands, purify my heart. Remove everything that is impure in my hands in the name of Jesus.
  • Prophesy into your hands – I receive grace for purity of my hands all the days of my life; grace to live above robbery, cheating, bribery, corruption that is in the world, grace to live above murder,  grace to live above anything that is capable of defiling my hand. I receive grace for clean hands all the days of my life in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, keep my hands forever clean in the name of Jesus Christ. Eternal rock of ages, keep my hands forever clean in Jesus name. Make it impossible for my hands to be defiled. Lord, help me in Jesus name.

Hands here refer to what you do for a living. Are you doing a clean business? God cannot bless anything that is defiled or out of sync with his word. If you are into a bad business, break away from it and ask God to help you.


  • Father, make it impossible for my hands to be defiled in Jesus name.

It is so easy for the soul of man to get into vanity – deception, pride of life and so on. It is so easy to pursue pride of life and miss God. May that not be our portion in the name of Jesus Christ.


  • Lord, I ask you to saturate my heart with the precious blood of your dear Son, Jesus Christ. I throw away every idol in my heart in the name of Jesus, thank you blessed Lord in Jesus name.

The soul of man consists of the will, mind and emotion. Your emotion is your feeling self, your will is your deciding self while your mind is your thinking self. It is wisdom to dedicate your soul to Jesus Christ. Man is a spirit; he has a soul that dwells in the body.


  • I yield my soul to you Jesus Christ and ask you to preserve my soul from any form of defilement. Grant me the grace to align my mind with your mind. Let the mind of Christ be in me. Help me to be heavenly minded; help me to tune to the frequency of heaven all the days of my life.
  • Help me, O God, never to pursue the lower things of this world, help me to walk with you in Jesus name. I yield my feeling self – my emotion to you Jesus Christ, I surrender my emotions to you and enthrone you Lord over my emotions. I ask you to control my emotions for me, take control of my emotions all the days of my life. I saturate my emotions with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Help me to feel right and consistent with your word. Whatever is capable of drawing me into sin, Lord, keep it far away from me in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you faithful God, in Jesus mighty name I pray.


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