This ministry was born out of nothing, without any program, no ambition, out of nothing but the desire to worship and serve God. This is what this fellowship is all about. It is a confirmation and testimony to prove that if you bring out your heart to walk with God, he will take over. He will remove the stress, he will remove the strain and he will blow your mind because if the hand of God is with you and lifting you, not even the sky will be your limit. Every move he makes is a wonder. God’s presence is with us and that is why no power can stop us.

This is a global fellowship impacting about 172 countries in six continents. This is to confirm the deeds of God in this end time and to authenticate the rate at which prophecies are being fulfilled at this time. Dan. 12:4 reveals that towards the end of time, knowledge shall increase, travels shall increase. Technology has broken down intercontinental barriers. Daniel received this message hundreds of years before the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is about three hundred years interval between the book of Malachi and Mathew. You can then imagine when Daniel received the prophecy. You need to key into the move of God in this ministry. I have no dignity to maintain but divinity to promote. The fresh oil is swinging the gates of nations open. We must make the most of this anointing. God is about to do fresh things in your life; don’t park. Connect to the flow of this oil. God will not only do his wonders in your life, allow him to use your life to do miracles. When you carry the oil, it will rub on whatever you come in contact with. Ensure that you are full of expectation. Expectation puts a demand on the anointing. Press on. It is only those who are determined to stretch that will connect and it is only those who connect that will experience the flow. Your expectation is your connection; if you stop expecting, you will disconnect. There are two powerful forces – the forces of disconnection and connection; the forces of isolation and connection are always at work and at war with each other. You connect properly, there will be a flow and anywhere there is a flow, there will be deposits. If you disconnect, it is only matter of time before the power goes off and the flow ceases. Dryness will then set in.

  • Lord, please help me. Keep the anointing flowing. Let the connection continue. Do not allow me to dislocate from where my blessing is. I ask O God that you perfect all that concerns me. I look up to you and I ask you this year of fresh oil, let this oil continue to flow – oil of greatness, oil of gladness, oil of multiple open doors, oil of glad tidings, oil of divine elevation, balm of gilead, oil of comprehensive dominion, comprehensive fruitfulness, comprehensive success, comprehensive victories, oil of accelerated progress. Let it continue to flow. Thank you blessed Lord, I give you glory, honor and praise in Jesus’ mighty name I pray.


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