1. Virtues of worship and giving CONT’D.

Bulk passing is one of the characteristics of the fallen man. When Adam fell he passed the blame to God – “the woman you gave me”. Adam was a worker, he was never a worshipper. Gen. 4:3-5 records the first people who worshipped God – Cain and Abel. Cain brought something (some of his crops) to God while Abel took his time and brought the best to God (the best portion of the firstborn lambs from his flock). God accepted the sacrifice of Abel because only the best is good enough for God. May this be your principle in the mighty name of Jesus. That has been my principle and I testify that God is faithful.

If you walk with God fulfilling your part of the deal, you will be amazed how God will surprise you. Until your life becomes a seed, it cannot produce a harvest. If you cannot give God your money, how can you give your life? How many of the people who lay claim to Abraham’s blessings are prepared to sacrifice their Isaac? There are two classes of people – the Abel company and the Cain company. Abraham was ready to sacrifice his Isaac, God presented him a ram (Gen. 22:10-15).

David was a consummate worshipper, he would not offer unto God what costs him nothing. 2 Sam. 24:24. In his early days, Solomon loved the Lord and walked after the statutes of his father. 2 Kings 3:3. Mary and Martha entertained Jesus Christ, one was a worshipper while the other was a worker. Jesus commended the worshipper, Mary. John 12:3-8, Mary gave the best out of worship.

When you become a worshipper, giving God the best will become part of you. You don’t need to be cajoled to do so. Let your service touch heaven, nothing can compare with it. Solomon offered unto God one thousand burnt offerings, the heavens opened and gave him a blank cheque. The quality of your giving (remember that giving is not restricted to money) represents the character of your worship and how much value you place on your relationship with God. When Judas rebuked Mary for wasting the oil, Jesus gave an instructive response.

If you put your eyes on money, you cannot be a good worshipper, you may likely end up like Judas. You cannot feign worship, you live it. Generational blessings multiply, if you don’t want your children to be poor, break the curse of stinginess. The principles of the kingdom are quite different from the principles of the world. You can never reward kingdom service. God is faithful; he is a true rewarder of those who diligently seek him. If you have to be a worshipper of God; 

  1. Jesus said where a man’s treasure is, there his heart will also be, Matt. 6:21.
  2. Jesus said no one can serve two masters, Matt. 6:24.
  3. Jesus said, You cannot serve God and mammon. Matt. 6:24

Pray –

  • Eternal most holy God I worship you. I declare that I belong to you forever. Grant me the grace to always given you my very best as an expression of my love for you, for only the best is good enough for you. Amen.


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