There is an anointing


Today, so many families have confined God to a very small compartment in their homes while they use the larger areas of their homes for other things. Connect properly to God in order to have maximum flow and so that you don’t start looking for what was never lost in the first place. You will receive from where you connect; if you are connected up and you are looking down, something is wrong. God cannot bless an idolater.

Never mind the slogan that is flying around – ‘what God cannot do does not exist’. This is a gospel of lie and ignorance. It is antithetical to what the word of God says because there are a lot of things that God cannot do. God cannot bless an idolater. God hates and punishes idolatry and he expects you to hate what you hates. He does not expect you to celebrate what he hates, unfortunately, this is what many in the Church are doing. Today, how many people make decisions for Christ during Sunday services. All you see are Christians moving from one Church to another. There are so many erroneous theologies producing parochial Christians.

Pray –

  • O Lord, in your mercy, help me. Deliver me. Do not allow me to sink, help me, wash me, purge me, purify my heart. I do not want to be an idolater, help me, O God. Be not far from me in the name of Jesus.
  • Wherever I am missing it, please forgive me. Cleanse thou me of secret faults. Purify my soul and make me holy.
  • In any way that I am obstructing your move, in any way that I do not measure up, Lord, forgive me. In your mercy, cleanse me, purify my soul. Help me O God, in Jesus’ name.
  • I want to be a true worshipper, Lord, make me a true worshipper. Deliver me from idolatry and the curses that follow idolatry in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Deliver me, O God, from partial contact Christianity. Deliver me, O God, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Cleanse me and purify my soul.
  • Help me, O God, to be where you want me to be; at the right place at the right time worshipping you the right way.
  • Remove every error from my theology. Anything that is capable of derailing your purpose in my life, please Lord, do not allow it to happen in the name of Jesus.
  • I look up to you Lord from whom all blessings flow and I depend on you. In your mercy, O God, deliver me, deliver my family, deliver this nation.
  • Have mercy on this nation. Have mercy on your Church in this nation. Deliver your Church in the name of Jesus.
  • Remove every erroneous theology, wipe it away and set us on the path of progress again. Help us to hate what you hate and to love what you love in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Grant me grace to walk with you and to be all you want me to be.
  • Grant me grace, O God, never to condone what you hate in the name of Jesus.
  • Grant me grace, O God, to align with your will so that your best will come to me, so that your blessings be not hindered and so that your glory may be revealed.
  • Make my path the path of the righteous that shines from brightness to brightness unto a perfect noon day.
  • I trust you, O God, to increase my greatness and comfort me on every side in Jesus’ mighty name we pray.


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