Jesus is the Way. An intellectual may find it difficult to agree with this. Anyone who misses the Way will end up nowhere. A lot of people have missed it completely looking for God where God is not; looking for an unknown god. They are searching for a God that they have already perverted in their mind.

It is a wonderful thing for you to be connected to the truth of the word of God that leads you to God. It is to God through Jesus. No other way! Jesus is the way, he is the truth and he is the life (John 14:6). No one comes to God except by him. Celebrate Jesus from the depth of your heart.

In the place of prayer, God listens more to your heart than what you say. It is so easy to get mechanical even in our relationship with God. It is so easy to play Church and miss God altogether. It is so easy to pray amiss. Any prayer that is not from the heart is an exercise in futility. Any worship that is not heartfelt is empty, fake, and not the true worship. God is still looking for those who will worship him in spirit and truth. You must be part of those who worship him in spirit and truth. When you prophetically praise God, he will move. When you pray, God sends an angel, but when you praise, especially prophetically, he comes down. Why? God inhabits the praises of his people (Psa. 22:3). Every true child of God is a spiritual Israelite.

If you don’t know how to discern spirits, you cannot make right decisions. One of the best things that happened to me is that I entered into ministry through intercession and progressively, the Lord led me into spiritual warfare and he began to show me manifestation of spirits. That was how I got into the deliverance ministry; through praying for people with long standing difficulties. You get to a stage where the spirits begin to manifest and the only thing you can do to get the problem solved is to deal with the spirit by casting it out and then you will have the solution. You don’t deal with spiritual things superficially and expect an answer. Whatever conquers you in the realm of the spirit has finished you.

The Church was busy playing Church while the devil was busy planting his people in strategic positions. Unfortunately, a lot of ministers of the gospel allowed other things to becloud their judgments; they walked into an open trap. The responsibility of leadership is correct direction; to show the way. Any leader who does not know the way cannot show it. A great tragedy is to follow a leader who does not know the way.

Pray –

  • Father thank you for showing me the way. I ask you to establish me in your son Jesus Christ, and make it impossible for me to go astray. I thank you for watching over my path in Jesus’ name, amen.


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