This is also the period of re-dedication and re-calibration of the templates of our lives. Ask yourself the question – am I headed in the right direction? This is very important because everyone will end up in the direction they are headed. One of the best things that can happen to anyone this season is if you know that you are going the wrong direction, pause, re-calibrate and re-dedicate your life afresh to Jesus, don’t leave it to chance. Eternity is too serious to be left to chance. Nobody ever stumbles into heaven by chance. You intentionally walk step by step into it. Take note that there is no intermediate place; there is no place like purgatory, The Bible says it is appointed unto men once to die and after that judgment (Heb. 9:27). Personally, I always feel good whenever the year is coming to an end because I keep reminding myself – “you’ve got to finish strong!” Jesus is the greatest champion of all. In heaven, he won the battle. On the cross, he won the battle. In the grave, he won the battle. If you team up with Jesus, you can never lose. No matter the number of goals the devil has scored against you, Jesus will cancel them one after the other and ensure that you win. That is why he has made us more than conquerors. The Bible says, through God, we shall do valiantly (Psa. 60:12). We will never lose regardless of where the battle is fought. From today, I prophesy into your life that you will never lose again in any battle notwithstanding where it is fought because team Jesus never loses.

Pray –

  • Re-dedicate your life afresh to Jesus. Ask him to have his way in your life. Magnify him.

Remember that he is the essence and substance of our lives. He is the One we are celebrating. It is an absurdity to be a Christian without Christ, it is an expression of foolishness. The unbeliever has no life; all he is looking for is what to indulge in. The worst life is the one that is lived in the satisfaction of carnal appetite. That is the lowest basest thing according to Maslow’s triangle of needs – at the base of this triangle are the physiological needs. A lot of people live at this level, they never grow to the point of esteem. Maslow was an intellectual; we know that the intellect cannot go beyond certain levels, so we don’t operate at that level. We operate at the level of divinity. The wisdom of the world is limited. It is sensual, carnal and earthbound. The wisdom of the word of God is superior to the wisdom of the world. The Church should know better. If you come from above, that’s it. You don’t need the seven laws of power to become powerful if you have the wisdom of God.

The greatest success factor is the God factor. Your greatest connection is divine connection, whoever misses it will crawl and can never have comprehensive success. I am referring to the success that succeeds – that is, comprehensive success. You can only have it through Christ. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the father except through me (John 14:6).


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