Jesus is the essence of our being, the substance of our life. We celebrate his faithfulness, his greatness, his sovereignty, his almightiness, his love and kindness towards us. We celebrate his dependability, we celebrate his wisdom –

  • Jesus, the wisdom and power of God. We lift up your name, we exalt and magnify your precious name. Blessed be your name for ever in Jesus’ name.

This is one of the most critical periods of the year and those who are wise do not run around chasing shadows. Kings go to battle when the year expires. It is a time of stock taking and a time to draw closer and closer to God; a time to look up and look forward. It is a time of serious spiritual engagement. It is the time of introspection, a time of planning ahead, trusting God for the future. It is a time to be reminded that the age is winding down not just that the year is expiring but the age, this dispensation is coming to an end very speedily. A dispensation is a moral period in human history that ends with judgment. Every passing moment takes us closer and closer to eternity. Time is passing. Is there anything you need to do? Start doing it now. Stop procrastinating. Start immediately especially things that have eternal value. It is time to weigh our lives – what am I chasing? It is so easy to chase shadows and miss God. It is easy to chase vanity. It is time to be wise, time to draw from the wisdom of God. It is time to celebrate the love of God, absolute, extreme and excess love that made him sacrifice his Son so that we might be sons. This is the greatest display of grace.

Pray –

  • Lord, thank you so much. You are good, you are wonderful, none can compare with in wisdom, none can compare with you in might, none can compare with you in holiness and in righteousness, you are incomparable, you are dependable and you are love personified.
  • Thank you for your agape towards us. Thank you for the overflow of your grace that has procured our salvation, the greatest miracle. Thank you so much. We appreciate and bless and magnify your name.
  • We declare that you have done all things well for us. Thank you for who you are, for all you have done for us and for all you are doing.
  • Thank you for the wonderful programme you have in store for us. We declare that the lines are fallen for us in pleasant places. We have a goodly heritage, we have a wonderful inheritance. Thank you so much, blessed be your name.


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