operation 18:18


Some preparations  you need for a season:

1. The heart condition needs to change. A lot of problems cannot be changed except the heart condition is changed. For some complex situations that revolve around marriage, the only solution is for the two parties involved to have a change of heart. The greatest suicide any child of God can commit is to marry an unbeliever. When you are telling an unbeliever to wait so that you can fix things he will refuse because an unbeliever does not have patience which is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. The bible is so rich, when it talks about foundation. If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do Psalm 11:3. The only thing you can do about a faulty foundation is to knock it down. If you want a new season, change your heart, because God will deal with you fundamentally and from your foundation. That is why Jesus did not say you may be born again. He said if you want to see the kingdom of God, you must be born again. He said, if you want to enter the kingdom of God, you must be born again. The first foundation was faulty. The Adamic nature was faulty, Jesus foundation can only be attained by change of heart. It has to be fundamental. The heart of stone has to give way for the heart of flesh. An unbeliever will manifest because he is carrying an evil seal and he does not know. It is natural for an unbeliever to commit abomination. If you want to see a new season, you want to have a new season, the greatest preparation is the change of heart. What did you do last year that you need to change this year. What did you do last year that you need to do differently. You can’t be doing the same thing you did last year and expect a different result. How can you serve God the more? Have you been using the keys given to you? Somebody came to testify that he used the key given to us last three days; ‘Engaging the Holy Spirit’, he has already recorded three strategic victories. Another person testified of the key given yesterday. She has also recorded a strategic victory. We need a change of heart. The heart is an engine room that manufactures virtues that connect you to your destiny. If you get it right in the realm of the spirit, everything around you will celebrate you. 

2. You need to self evaluate. A sinner does not repent until he looks inward. Evaluate yourself. Are you satisfied with the life you are living? Are you satisfied with the progress you have made so far? Are you satisfied with the level of your anointing?. Are you satisfied with the impact you are making? Time is flying. Every passing moment takes us closer to eternity. What are you doing with the twenty four hours given to you in a day?
Mature people never get offended at people, they get offended at demons and the devil. The devil uses offence to whittle down your spiritual fragrance but you need to go beyond people. Of course, he uses people to get at you in order to bring stagnation, delay, retrogression so that you cannot connect properly and so you don’t enter your season. You should rebuke him. You should angrily send him where he belongs. Never put a human face to your enemy. Go beyond the person to the spirit behind the action. You will record strategic victories in Jesus name.


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