Some preparations you need for the season cont’d:

3. You need to have expectations. What are your expectations? What do you expect? What is in your mind? Tell me the picture in your mind concerning  this year? You need to have a dream bank. The dream I am talking about is not the one you will sleep to have. The dream that I am talking about is the dream you will open your eyes to dream. What is your dream concerning your life, family, career, walk with God, this fellowship, service in God’s kingdom, your dream concerning 2020? See how difficult it was for us to write 20 prayer requests. I will tell you why? It is because of lack of dream. Nobody ever rises above their personal persuasion. What is in your mind? If you have a ‘grasshopper mentality’, you are already defeated before you enter the promised land. As a man thinks in his heart so he is. So it is so fundamental that we carry in our vision, mind, heart, the blue print of God. When what you carry in your mind is consistent with the blue print God has for you, your season has started. God will activate your season. The resources of heaven will be made available, the elements will work for your progress. I want to share this because I want us to enter. I want to announce to us that our season has come. Jesus’ time on earth was thirty-three and half years but his season on earth was only three and half years. This is our season and I want to tell you that your season has come. Business people understand this, they prepare for the season, and they have expectations. Some of them have the picture of the car they are going to buy after the season, the picture of what they are going to go home with to announce their arrival. When you are in your season, every power, everything will work for your good. Romans 8:28. All things, not some things will work for your good. How many of you will want all things to work for your good? Stretch forth your hands and pray.


  • Lord, I thank you for your call upon my life. I thank you for you called me according to your purpose. This year let all things begin to work for my good in the name of Jesus. Lord, make all things to work for my good, all things by your divine orchestration in Jesus name.
  • Lord, I thank you, I receive the word that my season has come. I believe it is time oh God for you to act in my life. Thank you for my season, thank you blessed Lord. I give you all the glory, I give you all the honour.
  • Lord grant me the grace to make the necessary adjustments that will move my life forward in line with your original blue print for my life in the name of Jesus. Lord, grant me the grace to work with you, grant me the grace to align with your purpose for my destiny in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Lord, I expect this year to be twenty times better than 2019 in the mighty name of Jesus. This year 2020, may your name be magnified twenty times over. Lord, my expectations shall not be cut off in the mighty name of Jesus. I thank you mighty God, help me to constantly self evaluate. Help me to look in wards and let the blood of Jesus purge me of every dead work, anything that can hinder me from fulfilling your blue print or from aligning with your purposive will. Lord, let it dissolve and disappear.
  • Lord, remove every obstacle to my beholding your glory. Let all things  work out comprehensively for my good as I stretch my hands to you, as I look up to you from whom all blessings flow. Lord, may your name be adored, may your name be celebrated. I depend on you Oh Lord. I need your supernatural empowerment in the name of Jesus Christ to be all you want me to be and to accomplish all you want me to accomplish this year in the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus, may I sparkle, with happiness this year, may I sparkle with your radiant glory this year in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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