TEXT: Eccl. 3: 1-3.
The highest form of prayer is praise. Today, I am excited that is why it is necessary to saturate this place with praise. I want to announce to you something prophetically. I just want to exhort us that the train has left the station. The train that is carrying our load of blessings. We shall not be left behind. None of us shall be left out if we connect. Keep on connecting.

There is something about commitment that is becoming scarce today even in the church. But in the world, it should be understood that that is how it should be because the bible told us that men will be lovers of self more than lovers of God in the end time. It will not be surprise with what you see in the world but what should surprise you is what you see in the  church. But also, if you read the bible very well, you will see that every unsatisfactoriness of things in life, every inconsistency you see in the church is as a result of the world in the church and the church in the world. The problem is not the church being in the world but the problem is the world in the church. But we are going to keep on lifting the banner of the Lord and we are going to keep on bringing down the power of His presence that can bring transformation. If you notice, our meetings are always saturated with praise. It is deliberate because:
1.  We recognize that praise is the highest form of prayer.
2. We also recognize that the easiest way to bring down the presence of God is through praise because according to the word of God, God inhabits the praises of His people. When His presence comes down any miracle can happen, transformation of lives will take place more than you bargain. God goes beyond your prayer list to meet you at the very point of your need. I am here to tell us that God loves us so much and He has gone ahead to schedule a wonderful season for us. Better receive it. I am here to announce that a new season has begun. I want you to prepare for the season. I want to show you one or two things that you need to know about seasons and time. Read Ecc. 3:1-3. How do you prepare for a new season?

For everything on earth, there is time. We need to understand the cycles of life. We have to be wise to make the most of it. At the end of the year, we are going to say it’s been a wonderful year, a year to remember, a year the Lord has visited us beyond our widest imagination. If you want to partake of this, there are some preparations you need to make. It takes wisdom to understand the cycles of life and make the most of them. You will be seeing time, purpose and season. For everything, there is a time. For every purpose, there is a time. 

Time can be defined as the length of days. It is a generic name for the length of days given to man to live on earth. Time is general. Nothing special happens in time. Season is a certain period of time marked by special events. When you are born again, you enter into a new season. When you enter your season, you will be in demand. A lot of things will be happening around you. It is when people are not in their season,  when people are not in demand that they command. They try to force things. If you are in demand, what happens to others naturally will supernaturally locate you. Things that ordinarily people struggle for will locate you. A young girl in her season can have as much as seven suitors within a year. People try to command when they are not in demand. Purpose is the original intention for which you were created (God’s blue print for your life). When God sees that you know your purpose He gives you a season.


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