If you get your priorities right, you will hear what the average person does not hear; God will show you what the average person does not see and you will not put the wrong foot forward. This is part of the blessings of getting your priorities right.

After putting God first, you put your family in the second place. The family is the first institution that God established before the Church. If you place career above the family, you will create a problem that money cannot solve. If you place money above family, you will create a problem in the family that money cannot solve.


  • Heavenly Father, please help me. In any way that I have misplaced my priority in the order of things, I am sorry, please forgive me. Help me never again to put the wrong foot forward. But Lord, help me to walk hand in hand with you and to place you first and foremost in the garden of my heart.
  • Lord, help me to magnify you above all else. I throw away every idol and I seek you first. I enthrone you. You are the sunshine and the moonlight of my life. You are the only one who can satisfy my desire. I depend on you. Through you I shall do valiantly. You are my light. You are my sun, you are my shield. I ask you for grace, I ask you for glory and I know you will not withhold any good thing from me.
  • Grant me the grace to always delight myself in you and I know that you will grant me the desires of my heart.
  • Today, Lord, I enthrone you as my number one. With all my heart, I search for you. Lord, grant me grace, in the name of Jesus, to live for you all the days of my life.
  • Make me a worthy ambassador of Jesus Christ your son in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Grant me grace O God eternal rock of ages, help me never to elevate the pursuit and love of money above you in my heart in Jesus name. Amen!

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