• Through the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, I receive cleansing, sanctification, justification, redemption and reconciliation in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
  • I overcome sin, guilt and every machination of the evil one by the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son.
  • I commit every area of my life into the care of Jesus Christ – my business, family, ministry, investments, dream life, spiritual life, walk with God, horizontal relationships, and everything that concerns me, I deliberately and intentionally hand over to you Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of the most high God. Be my shepherd for life. Have your way in my life. I enthrone you as Lord over everything that concerns me. I belong to you forever in Jesus’ name.
  • Call unto him right now concerning your specific worries – fears, burdens, cares, problems. Jesus these are my fears, worries, burdens, I hand them over to you. I hand over every temptation, worry past present and future to you. I depend on you Lord Jesus.
  • I hand over every battle – visible and invisible to you Jesus, I depend on you. I hand over all my problems and all areas of pressure to you. Lord Jesus, manifest in the fullness of your power.
  • Reveal yourself to me. I ask you to take absolute control. Have your way in every facet of my life. Be thou my strong habitation whereunto I may continually resort. I trust you Lord Jesus, do that which only you can do in my life. Take me from where I am to where I am supposed to be. Establish me in holiness, righteousness and your divine wisdom.
  • Make it impossible for me to miss your mark, make it impossible for me to put the wrong foot forward.
  • I deliberately enthrone you as my guide and my shield. You are my light, my fortress and my salvation. Thank you Jesus. Amen.
  • Confess Matt. 11:28 (“Come onto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”). Lord Jesus, I enter your rest concerning my spiritual and physical life, concerning my ministry, I enter your rest, concerning my business, I enter your rest, concerning my health, I enter your rest, concerning my family, I enter your rest, concerning my future, Lord, I enter your rest. Amen.


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