On the eve of their departure from Egypt, the children of Israel were given a divine instruction. A lamb had to be slaughtered and the blood must be put on the lintel of their homes. Learn to apply the blood of Jesus. The very first place where you must learn to apply the blood is upon the lintel of your heart because no snake in the garden can withstand the sight of the blood of Jesus Christ. The devil flees wherever the blood appears. Learn to apply the blood of Jesus over your spiritual house which is your body, put it there. Put it in your mind, put it in your soul, put it in your spirit. Put it everywhere. Let the blood flow. Let the blood of Jesus avail for you. When you appropriate the Passover ministry of the blood of Jesus Christ, no evil will operate in your domain. Put it all over your house; saturate your house from the root to the foundation with the blood of Jesus. That is how to walk in dominion in a very wicked and dark environment that we operate in. This is how to beat the enemy hands down. Put it in the sun, moon, stars, and in the heavenlies; use it to deprogramme all evil enchantments.

Wherever you find darkness, it is because light refused to shine. Be an enforcer of righteousness in your sphere of influence. Can you imagine the level of depravity that will make a man to start lusting after a man? Do you know the kind of demons that have taken over? Can you imagine the extent of perversion? You need to be prayerful and having done all, stand! Be an enforcer of righteousness. Learn to raise the blood of Jesus against every form of nonsense. The blood of Jesus is the blood of enough is enough. When God was judging the gods of Egypt one after the other, Pharaoh was obstinate until God released the joker – the blood. The blood of Jesus is a spiritual atomic bomb. If you want to put an end to a battle, release the spiritual atomic bomb. I read a bit about the Second World War and how the Japanese were very tenacious. The more they were being killed, the more they kept pressing forward, ready to die. Using transistor technology, the atomic bomb was invented and mastered. The atomic bomb was dropped in two Japanese cities – Hiroshima and Nagasaki and that was it. Learn to release the blood of Jesus as a spiritual atomic bomb against the forces that held your family down. Don’t just be a personal deliverer, start from your family. God connected you to this ministry not just to be delivered but for you to be an instrument of total liberation for your generation. God is raising deliverers. The Bible says deliverers will be governors (Oba. 21 NIV). You can be one of them.


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