Celebrate Jesus. God has given us everything we need to enforce righteousness, bring transformation, terminate every mess and restructure things spiritually. If you don’t restructure things spiritually, the enemy will do the restructuring in a way that will favour him for manipulation. It is the responsibility of the Church to call the shots in any nation but not the apostate Church, not the gay bishop Church, not the Church that has gone into sodomy, not the lukewarm Church, not the Church of idolaters, not the Church of perversion, not a corrupted Church. Show me the direction of a country and I will show you the direction of the Church and vice versa. You need to arise. Get angry in spirit, it takes a holy anger to say enough is enough. You can grumble, you can complain, you can murmur, you can appease but God has given us the power that we need. The blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God’s Son, gives us access to the throne of grace. The name of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, gives us access to His lordship. Where the spirit of the Lord is, where the word of the king is, there is power. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is total liberation. If you are in a Church where there is no visible demonstration of the power of God in the area of deliverance, you are in a cold Church. The Holy Spirit has left. God can use you to start a revival in that Church. When you carry the fire of the presence of God, you will be a miracle looking for where to happen, when you appear, demons will scamper because of the fire. You will not be satisfied with the status quo, no, you will not park. You will press on from glory to glory. The thunder of God’s power will be released. When you decree a thing, it shall be established. You will re-structure your environment. That is the true meaning of Holy Ghost Fellowship. It is not another Church. That is the reason why God connected you to this ministry. Only those who mean business with God can stay.

Pray –

  • Lord, please help me. I am not satisfied with the status quo. I am not satisfied with my present level of anointing. I am not satisfied with my present level of consecration. I am not satisfied with my present level of evangelism. I am not satisfied with my present level of demonstration of your power especially in the area of deliverance and healing.
  • Lord, I want to have an encounter with you that will transform me like you transformed your servant Moses and used him as a national transformer, a national deliverer.
  • Father, I am available, transform me. Deliver me where I need deliverance. Heal me where I need healing. Fill me to overflowing with you spirit. Empower me by your spirit.  Supernaturally equip me. Fill me with the fire of your presence and your glory fire and set me apart for your use – a deliverer of nations in Jesus’ name.
  • Let your power flow through me. Envelop me with your glory fire. Everywhere I enter let this fire burn.
  • Lord, as I release the blood of Jesus Christ today, let it move mountains. Let it dislodge and destroy the yoker in the name of Jesus. Let it uproot and utterly destroy anything the enemy has configured to work against your purpose for my destiny and destiny of members of my family in Jesus’ name.


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