• Put your seal of perpetual ownership upon me and remove every contrary seal from me. Remove the seal of idolatry. Remove the seal of Lucifer, remove the seal of worldliness far away from me in the name of Jesus.
  • Holy Spirit divine, help me to continue to have fellowship with you and let this fellowship continue all the days of my life until you take me to my allotted inheritance in you, and my mansion in heaven. Thank you for a wonderful inheritance, in Jesus’ name I pray.
  • Thank him for the greatest altar raised in the whole universe, the cross of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the greatest display of the love of God. The greatest display of the victory of light over darkness. The greatest display of the grace, truth and mercy of God. Appreciate God. Give him all the glory. Lift up his name and exalt him.
  • Lord, I thank and appreciate you. I celebrate you. I celebrate the victory of the cross. I appropriate the victory of the cross as my victory in every facet of my life. I give you all the glory and honor. Blessed be your precious name. Thank you for all you have been to me. May your name be magnified and hallowed in the name of Jesus Christ.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

Rev. 12:11 KJV

We had earlier established that when you come through the power of the blood of Jesus, you overwhelm the accuser of the brethren, the devil who is the originator of everything that is evil. When you come through the power of the blood of Jesus, you deal a deadly blow on him. Pharaoh will bow. Every satanic agent will bow. Evil altars will bow.

The battle of the end time is the battle of altars. Lesser altars will bow to the superior altar. Everyone you see out there is an altar; this is a very great revelation. Everyone you see is connected to one altar or the other. Altars can be either evil or righteous. Take note that the blood of Jesus Christ is not an ordinary blood. Jesus Christ was conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost, a supernatural conception and not by normal conception. That is why anywhere you release the blood of Jesus which is the very life of Christ, there will be an “earthquake”. Whenever you release the blood of Jesus Christ with this revelation, it is very powerful. It is a “spiritual atomic bomb”; you don’t throw it and expect the enemy to still stand, but remember that the blood cannot avail unless it is applied. One of the things we must learn to do is to visit the cross on a daily basis to drop off things and put on Christ. At the cross, exchange your weakness for the strength of Christ, your sorrow for his joy, your defeats for his victories, your doubt for his faith, your lack for his supernatural abundance, your folly for his wisdom. You can go on and on and continue to make the exchange.


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