Prayer for supernatural abundance


The more revelation you have about the blood of Jesus, the more dangerous you become in the realm of the spirit. Remember, that the blood does not avail unless it is applied.

Jesus redeemed us from death (spiritual death), sin and all the consequences of sin. He redeemed us from poverty, scarcity and lack. Jesus redeemed us from sickness, disease, death and hell. He redeemed us from self, from satan, all his agents, and all his demons. He made a public show of them triumphing over them and took away the curse that was pronounced upon man and upon the earth; part of it being the curse of aridity, the curse of poverty, scarcity, dryness, laboring like an elephant with nothing to show for it. All have been taken out of the way.

May we always take cognizance of this so that we can appreciate God. He could have wiped away the Adamic stock but he decided, instead, to send his Son to enter the slave market where we were all bound on the way to hell, bound by the fear of condemnation. Jesus came, paid the price, took us out of that market and set us free. That is the greatest definition of grace. That is why the cross is the greatest demonstration of the grace of God.

God sent his Son to die for man so that man can become his son, fallen man! What a great love! That is the greatest demonstration of love. He made a god out of man. True love is selfless. True love lifts, it makes somebody out of a nobody. Wherever you see selfishness, there is no love, what you have is lust. In true love, there is no ‘what is in it for me’.

God’s kind of love ennobles, lifts, and blesses. If God has sent his Son so that we may become sons, then we have an inheritance. Sons go for inheritance while children go for toys. We have an inheritance in Christ Jesus.

  • Lord, thank you so much for everything you have made available for my well being here and hereafter. Thank for going all the way to bless me. Thank you for so much grace you have demonstrated in sending your son to die for me in order to make me a son.
  • You did not have to do so, but you did because you love me. Thank you so much. You had other alternatives, but you chose the alternative of love, I say thank you so much, blessed be your precious name. I celebrate your love, kindness and wonders in Jesus’ name.


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