Prayer for supernatural abundance


There is no superior wisdom than partnering with God, walking hand in hand with God, and being in agreement with the Almighty, the owner of the universe, the possessor of all perfect gifts. There is no superior wisdom than tuning to the frequency of heaven. Anyone who misses this has missed life and anyone who misses life has embraced death.

Never you desire to be like those who, though, have gained the whole world but are on their way to hell. If you are not pointing in the direction of God, then, you are headed in the wrong direction.

Your greatest asset remains your access to God through his Son, Jesus Christ; maximize it. Consolidate it. Celebrate it. Get addicted to God; don’t allow anything yank you out of his presence. No matter the centrifugal forces at work, none of them can defeat you if you refuse to yield. That is why you must be consolidated, solidly connected not a partial contact Christian.

The only way this year can be different from what you experienced last year is to change the way you walked last year. That change will lead you to a single decision.

Every progress I made started with a single decision in my little room many years back on my birthday. I took stock of my life and I saw stupidity and foolishness. I was looking for what was never lost. I wept, repented and cried out to God for help. God showed up and I started having series of divine encounters. I dusted my Bible, threw away all the ‘books’ I had acquired and turned to God. There is nothing out there; absolutely nothing. Today, I say, God is faithful.

I want you to taste and see that the Lord is good. Keep your part of the covenant. Don’t be a covenant breaker. People are too quick to break covenants. If you study the marriage covenant, for instance, you will be amazed. No one breaks covenants and goes free. People do it with ease and think that they are free because of the wisdom of the world that is carnal, sensual, earth bound which leads only to hell.

God said, walk before me and be thou perfect (Gen 17:1). It is a command and not a suggestion. That is the condition. God will keep his part of the agreement. Can you keep yours? If you take stock of your life, can you say that you have been a covenant keeper? Are you are covenant keeper or a covenant breaker?

Pray –
  • Lord, search me. Is there any way that I have not kept my agreement with you and even the social and spiritual agreements that I entered into? Please forgive me and help me to be a covenant keeper.
  • Lord, I am sorry, help me. Make me a person of integrity. Help me to walk with you according to your terms.
  • Do not allow me to be a covenant breaker. I want to be a covenant keeper. Grant me the grace to walk hand-in-hand with you so that your purpose may be fulfilled in my life.
  • Make me perfect for you are a perfect God. Help me to be perfect with you in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Make my heart right with you. Grant me the grace to know that anything I have is what you have given me and that the only place where I need it is here.
  • Help me to lay treasure where it matters most in the name of Jesus.
  • Whatever you are blessing me with here, grant me grace to understand the wisdom to lay treasures above in the name of Jesus.
  • Help me to be perfect in my walk with you in the name of Jesus. Do not allow me to break any covenant ever again.
  • Lord, please help me. In any way that I had ever broken a covenant whether marital, social, economic or in my business dealings, please forgive me. Help me. Purge me. Cleanse me. Purify my heart.
  • Help me to dethrone mammon, never to worship it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Help me to be a true worshipper of the only living God in Jesus’ name.


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