God's favour


May favour smile at you in the mighty name of Jesus. One day of favour is worth more than 430 years of labour; it is better experienced than imagined. I have experienced it. Those who have not experienced it may think that it is by strength that they prevail, they may think that it is by hard work. Yes, hard work pays.

There is the place of diligence in the things we do. We are called to be diligent seekers of God. Diligence is part of our Christian character. But, the race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong (Eccl. 9:11). It is the hand of God that makes the difference in the life of everyone. May we never forget this in Jesus’ name.

The greatest success factor is the God factor. I need to keep emphasizing this. Those who have discovered it spend quality to consolidate it. If God says, lift, nobody can bring you down. If God says, bless, nobody can curse you. If God says, victory, nobody can defeat you. All he needs to do is to step into your situation and everything created will begin to collaborate to ensure that you succeed.

A brother was in a very dire financial situation; he had just lost his job in a very good bank, his wife was just a nurse in a private hospital and not well paid. He decided to set up a small business centre which was not doing well at all. On my way to the fellowship on a particular day during our end of year programme, I decided to stop by at his shop to my surprise, I found him in a pensive mood, weeping. He was so preoccupied that he didn’t even notice my presence.

At that moment, the prophetic anointing came upon me, I pointed at him and prophesied that this will be the last Christmas he will ever spend in that condition. I prayed with him and left.

When we started the covenant prayers, he missed the first two days but was around on the third day when we were handling the covenant of sweatless victories.  Sweatless victories go hand in hand with favour; it is favour that fuels sweatless victories. The oil of the presence of God makes you smell fine. Favour is part and parcel of the blessings of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It makes you irresistible.

As I was about to minister on that day, the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask, has anyone ever experienced sweatless victories? He raised up his hand and rose from his seat immediately. As he did, I noticed that he was smartly dressed in a suit. He responded and said, ‘you are looking at sweatless victory’. He shared a beautiful testimony of how he got a call to report at an office the next day for an interview. He faced a panel of interviewers and that was how he got a top management job which he never applied for in an international organization to the glory of God. He was asked to apply for the job only after receiving his appointment letter! This is nothing but favour.

I was also a recipient of it. Many years back, I saw a newspaper advert and applied for the job. I got the letter of invitation for interview the same day the interview was scheduled to take place so I was not properly dressed or prepared but I went all the same. After the interview, I was asked to get ready to travel to the United States of America for training; an all expenses paid trip to the glory of God.

A precious sister was dumped by her fiancé after eight years of courtship. She was so devastated but, God, through prophetic connection, declarations and decrees, parceled for her a gentleman from Florida miraculously and that was how she got married within a short period of time. Today she is well established and with her husband in Florida to the glory of God.


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