Living in God's Grace


There is the tendency to stretch grace to mean what it is not. A lot of people just look at grace and present it as if it is a licence to sin. Grace is never a licence to sin. It is rather an empowerment to live above sin. Receive that empowerment today in Jesus’ name.

Some years back as I tuned the television, I heard a well respected tele-evangelist (who is known for preaching grace) saying that “Christianity is not right living, it is right believing!” Error is the greatest thing that the devil is using to confuse people in the Church today. A lot of pulpits are propagating it. Error is deception. Anything that is not consistent with the word of God is a lie. It was one lie that brought all the tragedy we have on earth; “hath God said …?” (Gen. 3:1b). Can you imagine the number of people that believe this? How on earth do you expect such people to live right?

The doctrine of eternal security contradicts everything about the true word of God. Jesus never preached this. Apostle Paul and the other apostles did not preach it either. If your right believing is not producing right living, how right is it? Right living and right believing are not mutually exclusive. Right living should be a product of right believing otherwise it is a wrong belief.

Ignorance consists of all erroneous beliefs and all true beliefs not amounting to knowledge. 1 John 2:6, “Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did” (TLB).

“And remember that if anyone doesn’t have the Spirit of Christ living in him, he is not a Christian at all”.

Romans 8:9b TLB

The Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of truth. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, He is the Spirit of Grace. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of sanctification. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of holiness; without holiness no man shall see God.

If you stretch truth to a point, you will end up producing error. Leave truth as it is. Truth is simple. If you try to add anything to it, you will produce error. Truth is clear, if you add colour to it, you will produce error. Truth is consistent, if you try to stretch it, you will produce error. Truth explains all. The problem with those who try to explain truth beyond its value is that they end up producing error.

Grace did not lower the standards of God’s word. Rather, grace has empowered us with the ability to fulfil it. Grace is a supernatural empowerment to live above sin, to do that which ordinarily would be difficult, if not impossible, for you to do. That is the sweetest definition of grace. You no longer struggle to please God. The spirit in you loves what God loves and hates what God hates.

Pray –
  • Lord, thank you so much. You have done all things well. You sent your Son to procure this grace. It is only through his death, burial, resurrection and ascension that I am saved. Not by my works. Jesus is my righteousness.
  • Father, grant me the grace to live for you all the days of my life. May I not miss your mark in the name of Jesus. May I not struggle to please you. Help me to walk hand in hand with you.
  • Let your name be magnified in my life as you walk out your plan for my life in Jesus’ name.


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