2022/2023 OPERATION 18-18 – (THE POWER OF GRACE 2C)

We had earlier established the saying that grace is an acronym for God’s richest abilities committed (to me) eternally. Just meditate on God’s richest abilities. God is able. Whenever the ability of God is mentioned, it is always in superlative terms. He is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond our expectation. It is difficult to use a single word to describe the abilities of God.

The power of grace is actually the power of the almighty because grace proceeds from the benevolent heart of the almighty. When we meditate on this, doubts and fears should dissolve from our hearts; faith should bubble within us. Without faith, you cannot please God. Anyone who is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith (1 John 5:5).

When you meditate on the power of the almighty, the grace of God will make you a programmed overcomer in every area of your life. Stretch for that grace. Wherever the battle is fought, you will have victories after victories. Grace positions you for victory after victories. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of grace. The spirit of grace is the spirit of sanctification. Don’t be deceived. Grace and unrighteousness do not go together.

We have also established that it is possible to fall out of grace and be diminished.

  • You will not fall out of grace in any area of your life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. May you not allow any root of bitterness to spring up in you. Nothing that will defile you will come your way in the name of Jesus.
  • The blood of Jesus will shield and protect you from any form of defilement in the name of Jesus Christ. Henceforth, when you appear, demons will scream and jump out even before you open your mouth in Jesus’ name.
  • The fire of the presence of God that you carry will keep every wild beast away from you. This fire of the Holy Spirit will drive you into the enemy territory where your blessings have been kidnapped and you will not pay any ransom. Why? Because Jesus has paid it in full, glory to God. You will break in with the fire of his presence, take back what belongs to you and come out unscathed.
  • You will celebrate the goodness of God. You will celebrate the mercies of God. You will celebrate the faithfulness of God. You will celebrate the victories of God in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Receive a programme of victory after victories in the name of Jesus. In heaven, he won the battle, on the cross, he won the battle, in the grave, he won the battle and he has given us the victory. Confess – Victory is mine in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • You will never lose because the God of Israel knows no defeat. He is the Lord of hosts (host of heaven and host of hell).
  • From today, you are more than a conqueror. You will live consistently at the victory edge in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. You will not be defeated in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • The power of God envelops you in the name of Jesus Christ. In your dreams, victory after victories. In the day, victory after victories. In your work place, victory after victories. In your business, victory after victories. Wherever you go, victory after victories.
  • That is the power of grace, receive it in the name of Jesus. Grace to be above only, never beneath. Grace to always hold the longer end of the stick, you will no longer hold the shorter end of the stick.
  • You will call the shots because the lines are fallen for you in pleasant places. You have a goodly heritage. Celebrate it and give God the glory.
  • Everything that the devil has used to steal your peace of mind will become a point of celebration this year because restoration has come in the name of Jesus.


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