2022/2023 OPERATION 18-18 – (REND THE HEAVENS 1A)

The Lord is on the throne. Never mind what is going on in the nations of the world, God has a joker. God specializes in making a Goshen out of every ‘Egypt’ for his children. May you be found in the Goshen of God. That is where you are insulated. That is where your supply is guaranteed. That is where you are shielded. That is where your promotion, blossoming and flourishing is. May you not be disconnected, may you not be dislocated in the mighty name of Jesus.

This year, ensure that you don’t jump at every call. Don’t be at anybody’s beck and call. Always seek the face of God before venturing into any project or embarking on any journey no matter how promising it is, even if it has to do with missions or an invitation to go and minister. Use the pattern of David the general in 1 Sam. 30.

First, he was a true worshipper of Jehovah the living God. Though he was a warrior but deep down in his heart, he was madly in love with Jehovah. Ten times a day, he went to the temple to pray and worship God. Even before he became a king, he had that God habit inside of him. His world revolved around God. That is the true meaning of worship. David, the great Psalmist of Israel, was a consummate worshipper.

He went on an escapade that he shouldn’t have embarked upon in the first instance; he decided to liaise with the enemies of Israel. There is a lesson for us here. Never you team up with the haters of Israel; never you team up with unbelievers against the people of God. David made that mistake in order to be accepted and in order to give them the impression that he was on their side. God was not in it. David went with his men and they were sent back.

On their return to the camp, they discovered that their camp had been completely ravaged by the Amalekites, their wives and children taken into captivity. There was nobody in the camp to defend them! This is a very great message for you. Don’t jump until you have sought the face of God. There was rebellion in the camp of David, his people wanted to stone him.

In the midst of the confusion, rebellion and mutiny, David sought the face of God. He made definite proposals to God; he brought his petition before God. Should I pursue? For a general who returned from war front to find his camp ravaged, David would have instinctively pursued after the enemies. However, that is human wisdom. Would God have backed it up? I am also learning from this. All the mistakes I ever made were born out of steps I took without consulting God. If God is not in it, he is not responsible for the success. David asked the right questions. Whenever we are in the presence of God, may we be people who can put the right words forward so that we can receive the right signal.

Prayer is supposed to be communication of wisdom; two way communication but many times we make it a monologue. “Shall I pursue after this troop? Shall I overtake them?” God answered, “Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all”. May that be your message this year in the mighty name of Jesus. When your heavenly father sends you on errand, tell me who can oppose. No power can stop you. Of course, David and his men made a mince meat of the Amalekites. They plundered the Amalekites and recovered all.

You will recover all in the mighty name of Jesus. The secret is in learning to get the right instructions from the One that can never mislead, the custodian of wisdom and the owner of all good and perfect gifts. Incidentally, he is our Father. May we learn to relate with him more than ever before year in the name of Jesus. The grace of God will abound in every area of our lives. The enemy will never have an upper hand anywhere. The blessings of his presence will abound and abide in every facet of our lives in the name of Jesus.


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