Where would you be in future? Better phrased, where would you rather spend eternity? Time lost can never be replaced; every passing moment takes us closer, and closer to eternity. We pass through this place, but once, hence if there is anything worth doing, it is in your best interest to get it done. It is necessary to reflect on life, the reason, why you exist. May you make the most of life in Christ, Amen.

The Gate of Deception/Lying

Lying or deception is a gate of hell. The best definition of lying is found in the understanding of its opposite “Truth ”.

What is truth? John 17:17 – “Sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is truth”.  Truth is a sanctifier. What does it mean to be sanctified? To be sanctified means to be separated unto God, to be set apart unto God.  The spirit of truth is the spirit of sanctification that separates you unto God.  In essence, truth is a spirit. Anyone without the spirit of truth is not a Christian at all (Rom. 8:9). therefore, since “lie” is the opposite of truth, it is safe to say that anything not consistent with the word of God is a lie.

Lying is a serious spiritual disease of the heart ( Prov. 12:20.). It is a very cheap sin whose origin can be traced to the fall of man in the Garden of Eden.  A perfect man created by a perfect God was placed in a perfect environment with just one commandment.  Careful Study  of Gen. 3 reveals the abnegation of responsibility by man and the misplacement of value on man’s relationship with God.  The greatest problem of man today is misplacement of value on our relationship with God; man belittles God in his heart.  You cannot doubt the word of God until you have belittled Him in your heart.  Where was Adam when the serpent entered and began to commune with his wife?  The serpent asked “hath God said?  This is to introduce doubt to the word of God.  If you know who God is, you will not have any doubt regarding the veracity of His word.

How do you discern the voice of the serpent?  The devil suggests, God commands.  Anything that creates doubt in your heart with respect to the word of God that is simple, is the voice of the snake, kill it. Seduction always goes before deception that is why you must be careful who you frolic with.  The best time to abort sin is at the stage of conception.  Fence off the snake as every romance with the snake produces death.  The garden of the heart is the most crucial garden; your heart speaks.  It has a voice.  Take note that it was Lucifer’s heart that deceived him. Whatever challenges the word of God in your heart is a snake; kill it!

The same story in Gen. 3  also reveals another form of lie- exaggeration.  Don’t exaggerate.  Eve exaggerated God’s word.  Always stop where God’s word stops; don’t add to it and don’t subtract.  Placing value on the word of God is for your good.  The instructions you obey determines the future you create as well as your destination.  The coach you follow determines whether you will win or lose.

May our lord and saviour jesus Christ, give you the grace to live above lie in the name of jesus Amen.

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