Overthrowing the strong man

Every strong man is a bully, a tyrant and one of the first tyrants in history was a man called Nimrod in the book of Genesis. He was one of the architect of the tower of babel. He was so strong that he built cites. He was also the founder and initiator of certain forms of false religion. This background information is necessary as this will enable us realize that it is not everything that is flourishing that has the blessing of God. We must be very careful.

Eze. 21:26-27 – every strongman is an ambassador of satan, he is a representative of satan; he is satan personified. You cannot overthrow the strongman you have not defined therefore you need to understand who he is. What are his characteristics and how does he operate?

The best way to understand the strongman is to understand his master, satan. Who is satan? Satan is the chief administrator of evil, the god of this world, (according to 2 Cor. 4:4), that blinds people’s minds from receiving the programme of God. He opposes everything good. He is the prince of nations according to Matt. 4:8-9. You must understand that satan likes to operate from the corridors of power, and why? Because he wants control. He is the author of all miseries, sorrows, diseases, pains and of death itself. He is the king and ruler of all demon spirits; he rules the dark hosts of hell. Whenever he is attacking you, know that you are not his ultimate target. His desire and design is to bring sorrow to God because he knows that God loves man.

What are his Characteristics/Traits?

Fortunately for us, we are not left in the dark; his titles define his traits. In other words, you can adequately define the strongman by his traits.

  1. The devil – Matt. 13:19. He is called the wicked one and in vs 39, he is called the enemy and the devil. Devil means accuser, defamer or slanderer.
  2. The accuser – Rev 12:11.
  3. The adversary – 1 Pet. 5:8, everything he does is adversarial.
  4. The dragon – Rev. 20:2
  5. The Father of all lies
  6. The tempter – Matt. 4:3.
  7. Prince of the devils – Matt. 18:24
  8. Prince of the power of the air – Eph. 2:2
  9. Prince of this world – John 14:30
  10. Corrupter of minds – 2 Cor.11:3, he is busy corrupting minds. Why does he go for the mind? For control. Anything that controls the mind controls the man. He does not want to play the second fiddle; he wants to be in charge.

John 10:10 gives us three attributes of Satan:

  1. He is a thief because he steals
  2. He is a killer
  3. He is a destroyer

All these are the characteristics of the strongman, so you can accurately define the strongman by his actions. This is very important in the deliverance ministry; you don’t need to know the name of any demon to cast them out. All you need is to accurately define their actions and from their actions, you can define them. How? Issue a command ‘you the strongman responsible for this problem in my life, I come against you in the name of Jesus, lose your hold, go!’ If you do this, the demon will leave. That was how Jesus rebuked the spirit of infirmity and the dumb and deaf spirits.


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