How do I align myself so that God will favour me; so that when he looks upon me, his face with beam with joy; so that he can say concerning me, like he said about Jesus, ‘this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased? Psa. 67:1 says “O God in mercy bless us; let your face beam with joy as you look down at us”, (TLB).

You must understand that there are levels of favour. According to Luke 2:52 “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man”. There are two dimensions of favour that we need – the vertical favour and horizontal favour. If you are having favour only horizontally, then your favour is not yet complete. The word ‘comprehensive’ means total. Your favour must be both horizontal and vertical for it to be comprehensive. Vertical favour is divine favour while horizontal favour is favour with man. We need both. Favour is a force that will catapult you to the peak. Where you cannot get to, favour will take you there. You need to see favour as a force that can propel an individual from prison to the palace.

Divine favour is so important that it takes you up; the force of favour is so mighty that there is no limit it cannot dissolve to ensure that the recipient of the anointing for favour get to where he should be. The force of favour is irresistible. It is not the history of your birth that defines your destination; it boils down to divine connection. Are you anointed with favour? Horizontal favour will move you horizontally at best but divine favour will move you up; policies will begin to change in your favour.

The force of favour summons all the forces to work for you, including negative forces. Jesus is the Lord of hosts, not just the host of heaven but the host of hell also. All powers are subject to his command. Where the force of divine favour is in operation, all other forces will work for the benefit of that favour. Anything that blocks the way will give.

Exo. 12:36 – the blood of the Lamb is your connection to divine favour. The blood is the blood of Passover. The force of favour will take you from your Egypt to your promised land. You must learn to apply the blood of the Lamb, when you do, the Egyptians will gladly load you with the benefits you were deprived of. It is not benefits of one year’s deprivation but that of 430 years of labour. One day of favour is worth more than 430 years of labour. When God steps into your affairs, he will summon all the forces of the universe to work for you. He will give you accelerated progress and the wind of restoration will begin to blow. There is a prophetic anointing that activates favour, may you contact that anointing in Jesus name.

Songs 1:3 “Because of the savour of thy good ointments thy name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love thee”. The name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is an ointment poured forth. Favour will make you smell fine. The force of favour will open doors for you; when you knock on one, several doors will open; when you call one person, one thousand people will answer. The force of favour will make you smell so fine that you will be sought after.

Purity is a very important ingredient in activating the force of favour. Virgin Mary was not the only virgin in Israel when God was looking for a vessel to use to give birth to Jesus. What separated her from the others is favour, she was highly favoured. This goes to show that even among equals, the one with favour will be selected. Favour will take you to where your legs cannot take you. The anointing for favour accelerates you; it gives you an uncommon speed – speed to recover all, speed to overtake, speed to ascend, speed to take position, speed to possess your possession, speed to walk in dominion. We need all these in the days ahead.

What people call good luck is actually favour because there is no good luck or bad luck in the Bible. The force of favour not only concentrates blessing on an individual, it also magnetize blessings. All you need for a change of season is one contact; the force of favour will attract that contact in Jesus name.



  • Eternal Rock of Ages, today, let the force of favour be activated inside me, make me a carrier of favour. Jesus, your name is an ointment poured forth; let my life begin to flow in ceaseless favour. Almighty God, let the force of favour be activated today in my life and let this favour continue, see me through, anoint me till I recover all and get to where you want me to be and reign where I should. Lord, let your name be magnified in every facet of my life; no more labour without benefit, no more futile effort, no more trial and error in the name of Jesus. O God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, let the force of favour catapult me to operate in the highest in the name of Jesus. Let people know that I am highly favoured and blessed. Let this be my testimony, in Jesus name.
  • Lord, please help me, favour me immeasurably this year and let it become a pattern in my life. Let your anointing for divine favour begin to work in every facet of my life, thank you Lord for hearing me in Jesus name.

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