Sunday service


Text: Rev. 7:1-4

We have entered into the season of marks. Of course, there has always been marks but as the end time programme of God progresses, we are seeing more. Marks are codes and codes are for access for those who can decode them. Marks are emblems, marks can also be said to be the characteristic of persons; something you can use to depict people. Marks are also attributes, labels, they give identity. Marks have always been there as earlier mentioned. Herders use marks to identify their animals whenever they stray. Marks have to do with ownership. Evil marks are special codes that give demons unlimited access into people’s lives. They are like invisible cords. You may not see the cords, but they are there. The fact that you don’t see them does not mean that they will not work or that they will not give access. Marks are very powerful and anything you see in the physical first existed in the supernatural. As long as those invisible codes or marks are still in operation, the demons will continue to operate freely.

The interesting thing about evil marks is that people who are carrying them do not even know that they have them. Evil marks are deadly, vicious and dangerous. We need to establish this. Two things that will destroy evil marks are the fire of the presence of God and the blood of Jesus. The Church has been transformed into a teaching and talking Church, but where is the fire? Many people even climb the ecclesiastical ladder with their marks still intact. They love to quote the scripture “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” 2 Cor. 5:17. It does not work like that. Selective application of the word of God is one of the weaknesses of the Church today. Meanwhile the battle is getting intense because the devil knows that his time is short.

How do people receive Evil Marks?

  1. Evil parental authority over children. During deliverance sessions, we have heard demons confess at various times that ‘her mother gave her to us’, ‘her father gave her to us’, ‘her husband gave her to us’. Evil marks can be received not only through parental authority but also through marital authority. There are levels of authority. Parental authority is a very serious matter. It is only in Christ that such a person can be delivered. Zech. 9:11 says, “As for thee also by the blood of thy covenant I have sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit wherein is no water”. If your parents are not in the Lord, you have a lot to do: start your prayer evangelism on your knees so that you can be free from evil marks.
  2. Living in a demonic environment. Not all environments are the same. Some environments are so demonized that they have been handed over to the devil. A Christian who is not powerful will just walk into such an environment innocently. Territoriality of demons is real. It is common knowledge that people who are brought up in the riverine areas are most likely to contact marine spirit.
  3. Acting evil roles. There was a pathetic case of a close relative who was made to act the role of a mermaid (mammy water) when she was still in secondary school. After playing the role, she started receiving visits from a mermaid and because her case was not properly handled, she was destroyed. If you are given an evil role to act (even in the Church), please don’t take it because it is one of the ways through which people collect evil marks.
  4. People can get evil marks through picking names. Names are prophetic.


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