How do people receive Evil Marks?

5. Through taking people’s things to evil altars. That is why you need to be strong in the Lord. I decree upon your life that henceforth if anyone takes anything that belongs to you to an evil altar, their evil intentions will boomerang upon them in the mighty name of Jesus. All you need do is worship God profusely and then make a pronouncement.

6. Dream affliction. If you have a bad dream, please cancel it immediately but don’t dwell on it because your life is not to be ruled by dreams but by the word of God. Once you cancel it, it is cancelled. Put the blood of Jesus on your dream bank, reverse the evil intentions of the dream and stand on the Word. It is the Word that will stand. A true child of God who knows his authority as a believer cannot be afflicted through dreams.

7.Evil wedding gifts – there was a case we handled many years back. During a deliverance session when the fire of the presence of God fell, a Sister tore her wristwatch and threw it away. On interrogation, she told us that the wristwatch was a wedding gift from her best friend and she has worn it for twelve years. For the twelve years that she wore the wristwatch, she could not have any child. Be very careful how you collect and what you collect. A Latin proverb says whosoever accepts a benefit or favour sells his liberty. One of the ways through which evil marks are enacted is through the exchange of gifts.

8. Evil inheritance. It is not every inheritance that is good. You are born into the assets and liabilities of your family. You are born into the struggles, warfare, challenges, and history of that family. You not only inherit the name but other things that go with the name. When you are born again, you should have the revelation that you are born again into the assets and the name of the new relationship.

9. Blind initiation. Most blind initiations take place in the dream but some do take place in the physical without the knowledge of the person that is being initiated due to ignorance. Many schools initiate students during valedictory services without the knowledge of the students. Some professional bodies also initiate their members during their induction ceremonies; they even refer to them as initiates.

10. Involvement in occultism directly or indirectly. During their initiation, people are compelled to take things which they don’t know and to say things which they don’t understand. Some are even made to drink blood. In the process, they hand themselves over to the devil.

11. Consulting idol priests or native doctors. If you have ever consulted a native doctor or someone consulted a native doctor on your behalf with your consent, you have received a mark. What they usually do is to open a file for people.

12. Consulting a false prophet. This is very common. By consulting a false prophet, you have given access to a wrong spirit to operate freely in your life.

13. Attending a fake Church. Many Churches are not clean. Any Church where there is mixture of spirits or where there is spiritual acrobatics is a wrong Church. Any Church that is not based solidly on the word of God is a wrong Church. Some of these Churches even use the Bible along with other things. Run away from any Church that has elevated any other thing above the word of God as the final authority. Remember that certain destinies are corporate. You must say “No” when others are collecting evil marks. You must realize that it is not everywhere two or three are gathered that they are gathered in the name of the Lord.

14. Carelessness. A lot of people are careless, they care for things that they should not care for and so they do not have enough time to care for things that they should care for. Children can be initiated through food. There was a case of a small boy who was initiated into witchcraft after eating mango given to him by their neighbour. According to him, after eating the mango, the neighbour appeared to him in the night and took him to a witchcraft coven meeting. Most parents are not vigilant. Under their very noses, their children are taking hard drugs. It takes the grace of God to raise godly children in the world today. Many parents don’t even notice when something has gone terribly wrong with their children. The name of the game is ‘eyes on the ball and down the line’. It is not enough to pray, you must be watchful. Jesus said watch and pray -eternal vigilance. Over seventy percent of what is involved in discernment is observation. If you don’t observe, you cannot discern and if you don’t discern, you cannot disarm. You must realize that the devil is busy recruiting children on a daily basis. Every school has a spirit and if it is not the Holy Spirit, there is danger. A ‘good’ education cannot be good without God. The world is sick and it is so easy to get contaminated.

15. Sex outside of marriage is one of the easiest ways through which people get evil marks. Most people don’t even know the true meaning of love.

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