One of the things that anyone who wants to walk in dominion must have in abundance is faith, uncommon faith. In the story of the man with dropsy in Mark 2:1-12, we can see people who demonstrated radical faith in Christ. Jesus has always been a crowd puller, he said “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me”. John 12:32. The name of Jesus has been drawing people to God’s kingdom and will continue to draw them. We need not carry gun to win the world, all we need do is to carry the name of Jesus and at that name, every knee must bow.  Does it have a knee,  it must bow at the name of Jesus. Even blockades have name and they must give way at the name of Jesus.

In our text for today, the place where Jesus was teaching was so crowded that there was virtually no space to move, the four men carrying the paralyzed man could not gain access to Jesus so they had to lower the man through the roof on a stretcher in order for him to reach Christ. Jesus tackled the issue by going deep down to the foundation; this is because when it is settled at the foundation level, there will be no relapse, it is forever settled. With faith, nothing shall be impossible.

True faith is placing value on our relationship with God through Christ. Mark 9:23 says “Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth”. From this story, we can see all the collaborative forces of darkness and other factors that aligned against the man’s miracle. A paralyzed man is an invalid, he cannot hold things together. What are these oppositions?

  1. The Crowd – if you want to be serious in your walk with God, run away from the crowd. Many people are confined to their present condition because of crowd mentality. Crowd does not think; crowd has no mind of its own. It is called the herd mentality. God did not create you to be following the crowd; he created you to have a direct link with him. Crowd is a serious opposition to miracles; if you follow the way of the crowd, you will miss God. The crowd was a barricade manifesting physically and blocking access to Jesus. You must realize that whatever blocks your access to Jesus has blocked your access to your miracle.
  2. No room – there may not be room but you can force your way through to the presence of Jesus. A person of radical faith does not accept ‘no room’, if there is none, you must create one. There was no room in the place even for one person but the man’s friends purposed that his miracle must happen. No room means there is no capacity to contain; capacity here is an opposition. If you really want to experience God, you must create enough room in your heart for him. What God wants to do in your life is so specially tailored for you; you must therefore not limit him by creating a narrow room for him. Many people short-circuit their blessings through their confessions and call it wisdom; they limit God by creating a narrow room for him in their heart. In what ways have you short-circuited yourself with no room mentality? No room mentality is a very bad mentality. As a bachelor squatting with my Brother many years back, he wanted to move out of his 3-bedroom apartment and invited me to come move along with him but I declined in spite of the fact that my salary was so small at that time. The property owner even proposed that I should move to the boys’ quarter but I refused because I didn’t have a no room mentality. You must know that once you take a step of faith, God will back you up. Your prayer is an expression of the size of God in your heart. As a sprinter trusting God for a husband, rather than asking God for just a life partner, write down the qualities you want in your husband and start presenting them to God. What you send is what you receive. Do you know that you can never rise above your persuasion; you can never rise above the size of God in your heart. Many years later after my marriage, the same landlord offered me a duplex in his house, my response to him was that when I move out of that block of flats, I am moving into my own house. This is how to speak your future into manifestation. We must create enough room for God to express his name in our lives. God wants to move; let’s not constrain him with ‘no room’, enlarge your conceptualization of God. The size of God in your heart will determine the magnitude of what you ask and what you receive. How many times have you under-asked and then turn around to blame God? No room is a serious blockade that starts from the mind.


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