”Under the system of Jewish laws the high priest brought the blood of the slain animals into the sanctuary as a sacrifice for sin, and then the bodies of the animals were burned outside the city.  That is why Jesus suffered and died outside the city,  where his blood washed our sins away.  So let us go out to him beyond the city walls (that is outside the interests of this world, being willing to be despised) to suffer with him there bearing his shame.  For this world is not our home, we are looking forward to our everlasting home in heaven.” (Hebrew 13: 11-14 TLB)

Our salvation package was so meticulously planned by our Omniscient loving heavenly Father to satisfy all the requirements of the Laws and the Prophets. Indeed Jesus is the fulfilment of the Laws and the Prophets.

Anyone who wants to make heaven should be ready to go beyond the walls of humanistic philosophies, materialism, religion, self righteousness, worldliness etc Nobody ever stumbles into heaven by chance.  You walk into it by choice. The greatest decision anyone can make is to follow Jesus Christ.  To face eternity without Christ is the greatest tragedy.  Every passing moment takes us closer and closer to eternity.  The system of this world is so designed for one to keep chasing vanity and have no time for things that have eternal value.  Jesus went beyond the walls to accomplish  His mission on earth. Every disciple of Christ must willingly take up the cross and follow Him on daily basis. The cross of Christ remains the greatest alter raised on earth. The cross a symbol of shame, today is the symbol of victory.

The crucified way is the way of eternal glory.  Let us go beyond the walls to point people to THE WAY. JESUS IS THE WAY.

The question is :

– Do you know Him?

– Does He know you?

– Are you living for Him?

– What God’s purpose are you serving in your generation?

– How prepared are you for His coming?

– If the rapture happens right now, will you fly?

– Are you satisfied with your present level of spiritual investments?

Remember: We shall pass through this place but once. If there be anything we need to do, let us do it now, for we shall not pass this place again but once.


– Rededicate your life to Jesus.

– Profusely appreciate God for the excellent salvation package.

– Celebrate Jesus for going beyond the walls to accomplish the will of the Father.

– Ask God for grace to spend the rest of your life pleasing Him

– Confess: Through the blood of Jesus, I am sanctified made holy, set apart to God. I now belong to God. I am under God’s control and available to Him. Anything that is not of God has no right to approach me; it is kept away by the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son. I confess in Jesus Name. Amen.


May the LORD empower you by His Spirit to faithfully accomplish His purpose for your life in Jesus’ Name. Amen