”Then touched he their eyes, saying, ”According to your faith be it unto you”. And their eyes were opened; and Jesus straitly charged them, saying, see that no man know it.” (Matthew 9:29-30KJV)

I gave my life to Christ at the age of twelve, and was quite zealous with the things of God, but I never really had a personal encounter with Him. It was like serving ”AN UNKNOWN GOD” In spite of this, God was very faithful to me. I do not know of any prayer I said in those days that was not answered.

When I entered the university at nineteen, I said to myself, ”NOW I AM GOING TO SEEK THE TRUTH.” It turned out to be a very serious search that took me through many volumes of books. It was a terrible period  of internal agitation. There was a storm inside.  In order to pacify this build up, I became so extra curricular  that I came out from the university with over ten certificates including a chieftaincy title signed by the Vice Chancellor of the university of Nigeria, Nsukka. I was the school Lawn Tennis champion for four years and the captain for three years. The cultural troupe we founded continued to reign several years after my graduation.

It was during my national Youth Service at Maiduguri that I took stock of my life and realized it was since I backslid that things started falling apart in my life. Quickly, I dusted my Bible (which I had not read in five years), knelt beside my bed, repented and re-invited Jesus into my life. This was the beginning of a new life. My Christianity became experiential. Prayer and fasting became part of me. I began to have series of spiritual encounters that have dissolved any doubt I had with regards to the authenticity of the Word of God.

In one of such encounters, I was taken (in a dream) to a very large auditorium filled to the brim with people of various nationalities. A man in his fifties was teaching on ”Meditation”. At a point he asked us to concentrate very hard that a master from Brasillia was coming. He commanded that we should keep chanting ”BRAHAMA.” for according to him that was the master’s name. It was then I realized I was in a wrong crowd. I said to myself, ”I know there are many self-acclaimed masters, but I have decided to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal saviour – HE IS THE LORD OF LORDS”. So I refused to chant. The man in front did not take kindly to ”my disobedience.” Though I was standing far behind, one step he took brought him face to face with me. I knew he wanted to strike. With much effort I yelled, ”JESUS” and found myself on the floor like one dead. I saw a shinning sword descend on my body. Starting from my forehead the sword described the mark of the cross, that sent some chilling vibrations inside of me. Then I observed being lifted high and higher until I hit the roof above the auditorium. Nothing could stop me – not even the roof.  I just kept soaring higher and higher. Suddenly I became conscious of a person dressed in sparkling white. He handed me a copy of the Bible, and instructed me to go and preach the gospel. It was then I realized that JESUS HAS DELIVERED ME. I shouted ”SO YOU ARE THE TRUTH I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR,” and I woke up from the experience a different person. From that day on, the Bible became a LIVING BOOK TO ME. Jesus is the TRUTH, HE IS THE WAY, HE IS THE DOOR, and HE IS THE SAVIOUR OF MANKIND. All you need is the touch of Jesus. I promise you, your life will never remain the same again. This is my personal testimony. HE TOUCHED ME. JESUS IS LORD.

A C T I O N   P O I N T

Give your life to Jesus. Say the simple prayer below:

Dear Heavenly Father, I worship you.  I acknowledge that I am a sinner, please have mercy on me and forgive all my sins. Jesus Christ , Son of the Living God, I unreservedly surrender my life to you. I confess that you died and rose from the dead for me. Please be my Lord and personal saviour, and grant me the grace to live for you all the days of my life. Thank you so much Lord Jesus, I proclaim I am born again. Amen.

If you said the prayer above, could you please send us an e-mail at:  SUPPORT@HOLYGHOSTFELLOWSHIP.NET  So that we can put you in our prayer list.

You may wish to download one of our Holy Spirit – inspired songs ”repair my life”.


Heavenly Father, Mighty God, I worship you. I thank you for the generous provisions you have made for my comprehensive well-being. In accordance with your word in Joel 2:32. I call upon you Jesus Christ God’s Son to deliver me from evil; transform my life and make me a transformer. Jesus. I ask you for a definite life-changing encounter that will make heaven more real than anything in this world can ever be. Father, I thank you for I know your plans for me are plans of peace, not of evil, to give me an expected end.  I give you all the glory and adoration in Jesus’ Name I have prayed. Amen.


May you have a definite encounter with Jesus Christ that will dissolve every doubt in your life, and make you abundantly fruitful in God’s kingdom in Jesus’ Name. Amen


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