Many people do not fully understand that the spirit of antichrist is already at work. This spirit is not only at war but also at work and engineering circumstances to work against the children of God. It is a very terrible force. One of the things we need to take note of is that it is backed up by prophecies. It is, therefore, not operating by chance but operating as it was meant to, as it is written.

One of the several ways in which God has revealed his sovereignty, omnipotence, omniscience and utter superiority over the devil is manifested in the way God reveals future events, which he absolutely controls and the prime actors in these events working God’s eternal decree. The reason why I pursued theological education to doctorate decree was because I discovered that the Bible was much more than what I thought it was. I discovered that the Bible is deeper; I discovered that the Bible is the constitution of life and that you cannot find comprehensive success outside of the Word. Truth is absolute; it has to be in order to be consistent. We are serving a God who knows the end from the beginning and a God who has the world in his hand. The consistency of biblical prophecy is one of the things that authenticate the word of God. It is only in the Bible that you find prophecies that were fulfilled; prophecies that are being fulfilled and prophecies that will be fulfilled, including the buildup. That is why we must treasure the word of God. if you accept it; it is for your own good. If you walk with it, you will have progress but if you reject it, it is to your own peril. Assuming after we leave this world, we discover that there is no heaven at all, we would not have lost anything at all; we have absolutely nothing to lose. Those who work in critical sections of hospitals confirm that they always know when a child of God is departing. There was a sister who was critically ill who actually died and on her way to hell. The screams coming from hell and the heat made her to make the last frantic effort to be delivered; she cried out to Jesus for help. That call for deliverance sent her back to earth. Brethren, hell is real, heaven is real. Don’t run your life as if God does not exist. Don’t let anything or anyone deceive you.

The Bible is so consistent in its prophecies that it goes beyond the events to the prime actors of those events. One of such prime actors is the antichrist who will bring great horror and torment to the people of the world when he is physically manifested and this we know will be very soon. One of the deep revelations from last Sunday’s teaching is that there are billions of bodiless spirits called demons that are looking for people to use. They are looking for vessels to fill so that they can become the embodiment of their master. Every time in history, you find people that yielded their body, soul and spirit to evil spirits that used them. Many years back, a man called Adolf Hitler manifested. Because he lived, six million Jews died. He became the personification of the spirit of anti-Semitism; he became an embodiment of that spirit and the devil used him mightily.


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