”How long will you forget me, LORD Forever? How long will you look the other way when I am in need? How long must I be hiding daily anguish in my heart? How long shall my enemy have the upper hand? Answer me,  O Lord, my God: give me light in  my darkness lest I die.” (Psalm 13:1-3 TLB)

Asking right questions is useful in unlocking right answers. Answers hide behind the door of questions. But some questions lead to no where. Any question that gives the impression that God is unjust or that the enemy is having the upper hand is not born out of faith. One of such questions is LORD HOW LONG? Another is LORD WHY ME? This is borne out of self – pity; which if not promptly well dealt with may lead to depression. It is important to always bear in mind that although faith does not make things easier, it makes things possible.

David erroneously concluded that God had forgotten him. In his state of discouragement he was overwhelmed with this question: HOW LONG? The cry ”How Long” was  common throughout the Bible. Having prayed, in desperation, men and women wondered when God might act. Knowing that his soul was ”greatly dismayed”,  David asked God ”HOW LONG?” (Psalm 6: 3) He asked ”HOW LONG” WILL YOU LOOK ON?”  (Psalm 35:17). Others asked the same questions, ”HOW LONG?” would their enemies revile God? (Psalm 74: 9-10). ”HOW LONG” before He would act? Will you hide yourself forever? (psalm 89:46)

Psalm 13 ended on a victorious note when David’s faith  in God was restored. David said:

”But I will always trust in you and in your mercy and shall rejoice in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord because he has blessed me so richly”. (Psalm 13: 5-6 TLB)

Do you ever feel that God has forgotten you? Do you wonder how long it would take for your prayers to be answered? Does it seem your enemies are having the upper hand? If you ever feel that way, remember that, like David, regardless of how things appear, God has not forgotten you. Trust Him. Believe that He will answer your prayers, and bring you overwhelming victory. The greater the test, the more the testimony.

Learn to rejoice in your SALVATION. Decide to SING TO THE LORD. Your testimony shall be ”HE HAS BLESSED ME SO RICHLY”.  If you believe shout Halelujah

A C T I O N   P O I N T

If you have not given your life to Christ, do so right now. Say the simple prayer below:

Dear Heavenly Father, I worship you. I acknowledge that I am a sinner. Please have mercy on me. And forgive all my sins. Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, I unreservedly surrender my life to you. I confess that you died and rose from the dead for me. Please be my Lord and personal saviour, and grant me the grace to live for you all the days of my life. Thank you so much Lord Jesus, I proclaim I am born again. Amen.


  •  Worship God for He is good, and His mercies endure forever, His faithfulness to all generations.
  •  Acknowledge Him as your Maker and Helper.
  •  Celebrate His boundless love for you.
  • Ask Him to forgive all your sins, especially grumbling, complaining, and other toxic spiritual attitudes                                                                                                  Plead the blood of Jesus
  • Rededicate your life to Christ.
  • Celebrate the victory of Christ on the cross of calvary.

Pray: In you Oh LORD do I put my trust, let me never be put to shame. Deliver me in your righteousness and cause me to escape. Incline your ear to my requests in Jesus’ Name

Sing praises to God.


May the shout of victory never cease in you life, in Jesus’ Name. Amen


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