We have established that the surest way to have dominion over the antichrist is to ensure that you are not here when he manifests. That is God’s prescription for dominion over the antichrist. The rapture is a very serious event that requires adequate preparation. Nobody ever boards a plane by chance; you just have to book your flight in advance. In the timetable of God, the rapture is imminent, we must therefore pay attention and prepare for it. It is an anomaly that messages of eschatology are becoming very scarce in the Christendom at a time such as this. Any Church that is not preparing you for heaven is preparing you for hell; any gathering not preparing for heaven is making you earthbound. What then must a wise believer do to always be rapture ready? The following tips will definitely help: –

  1. Pay very close attention to every word of the Bible with the mind set to believe and obey. How do you relate with the word? What is the word of God to you? Are you one of those that shop for and select the one to obey? You must change this mindset. Every word of God is inspired by the Holy Spirit, every word of God is spirit breathed and is meant for our good. The instructions you follow determine the future you create, the instructions you obey determine your destination. Please refer to the last post for relevant scriptures.
  2. Repent of every known sin. If you want to be rapture ready, don’t ever go to bed with an unconfessed sin. You must keep a very short record of sin. Ensure that there are no secret sins in your life. Do not accept that you have any weakness that you cannot overcome; don’t ever accept that lie, it is from the pit of hell. There is no weakness that you can go to the cross of Christ to drop that will not leave you. You can always go to the cross of Christ to exchange all your weaknesses for his strength. One of the greatest definitions of the cross is that the cross is a place of exchange. There is absolutely no weakness that you cannot exchange at the feet of the cross. There is no sin that the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God’s Son, cannot blot out. The cross is a place of transformation. One of the weaknesses of the modern day Church today is the de-emphasis of messages of the cross. It was at the cross that the blood of Jesus was shed.


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