We are called to be God chasers and until we realize this and re-order our priorities, we may fall into the category of those who chase vanity. How do we prepare for the greatest event that will happen soon? Jesus is coming soon, how ready are you? The earth is about to be shaken, even occultists and scientists know that this age is winding up but how is the Church preparing for it? At a time such as this, our focus should be more on where we are going than where we are coming from. Nobody boards an aircraft by chance; you must deliberately book your flight. The question is how ready are you? ‘Jesus is coming soon’ is a song we were singing in the 70s when people were being prepared for the rapture. The message of the cross is not a popular message; it is a message that keeps you looking inwards. Deception is very pervasive right now and unfortunately, man likes deception more than the truth.

There is a major revival coming and it is going to be the greatest revival ever; it is going to be a holiness revival, it is going to be a righteousness revival, it is going to be revival in the power and wisdom of the Holy Ghost. It is this revival that will prepare the Church for the bridegroom.

5. Don’t let your Christian life and your relationship with God be adversely affected by the cares, successes, prosperity or pressures of this present life. There are people who know how to seek God only when the weather is good; these are fair weather Christians. A little shift in their condition and you will see a change of attitude, the quality of their relationship with God will shift. They swing like a pendulum; they are hot today and cold tomorrow. Once there is a little adversity or unsatisfactoriness of things, their attitude will change. Anything that shifts your attention away from God is your enemy; anything that takes you out of the presence of God robs you of something very precious. It is not good to drink the wine of success that will take you outside the presence of God. It is not every open door that is God’s door, a lot of people have been trapped and it will take divine intervention for them to come out. We should love God so much and above all that nothing else should be able to take His place in our heart. It is all about being a worshipper, someone who places enough value on his walk with God above every other thing. We can find such a person in David, in Joseph, in Daniel and in Apostle Paul. We can find people in the Bible who abandoned their profession to follow Christ; people like Peter. Why are we throwing away Christ to pursue things?


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