3. God commands, the devil suggests.

4. Any romance with the snake will ultimately produce death.

5. When you yield your will to the will of a snake, deception is inevitable. How do you yield your will to the will of a snake? Through what you hear, or see, through what you eat, that is, through your mind. If you want to catch the attention of a man, you can do it through the eyes while you can get the attention of women through the ears.

6. Notice the first lie in history in Gen. 3:4 “That’s a lie! The serpent hissed. You’ll not die”. This is the origin of perversion. Anything that is not consistent with the word of God is a lie. Whatever anyone tells you, always align it with the word of God, weigh it in line with the word, if it is not consistent with the word of God or if it is in opposition to the word of God, then it is a lie. John 17:17 says, ‘Sanctify them through thy truth; thy word is truth”. If the word of God is truth, it means that anything in opposition to the word of God is a lie. Eve stretched the truth of the word of God when she said, “God says we mustn’t eat it or even touch it …” (vs 3) – stretching the word of God to produce error. This is quite prevalent today and it is a perversion. Any time you begin to doubt the word of God; you are just one-step to error. The devil creates doubt in order to produce error. Some people today even doubt if hell really exists.

To pervert means to affect something good or right in a negative way so that it becomes bad. It means to influence someone to behave sexually in a way that is considered to be wrong or not normal. To pervert means to corrupt. This is the origin of corruption and it is satan’s joker. Today, almost everything has been perverted – the word of God is being perverted with reckless abandon, faith has been perverted (true faith is placing value in your relationship with God). If you place faith on God, his word will mean something to you, you will not elevate the word of man above the word of God; you will tremble at His word. You will be so desperately in love with God that nothing else matters to you. Before you can pervert somebody’s word, you must have taken the person for granted; you must have belittled the person. We acquired this nature from Adam.

Spiritual warfare has been perverted, prosperity has been so perverted. Real prosperity is passionately falling in love with God that you want to worship him; you place so much value in your relationship with God that you start acting upon God’s word. Your soul is prospering because it is tuned to the frequency of God. Naturally, you will prosper because heaven’s resources will be made available to you. The Bible says “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth”. Today, a lot of teachings are centred around giving in order to get without any connection or relationship with God. Sowing and reaping is a law that works. “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest … shall not cease”. If you begin to sow, you will reap but if you are not careful, you will become earthbound because there is no relationship. Real prosperity is connecting with God; falling in love with him to the extent that nothing else matters to you; you are not ready to trade that relationship for anything. God promises that we will have gold like dust. The problem today is that man loves things (money) more that he loves God and that is perversion of worship. Idolatry is a perversion of worship. The controversy over tithing is a frontal attack from the pit of hell on the very essence of worship. If you cannot give money to God, how can you give your life? What it means is that your heart is tied to things; you have made money your God. That is idolatry. Today, God cannot entrust many people with greater things like anointing because they have been unfaithful with money. If you are fond of giving God rejects, please desist from doing so. Any time you withhold what you should give to God, you are mortgaging the destiny of your children. When you chase God, things will chase you and your heart will not be tied to them. One of my happiest moments is the time of giving. Giving is one of the biblical principles that if you follow, money will begin to chase you.


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