Sunday service


One of the powerful virtues of the cross is that it is the greatest display of love. Each time I study the cross, I marvel. Every Christian virtue is encapsulated in the cross. You can never finish what is contained in the cross. If you want to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ, there is no substitute for the cross. All the virtues of Christianity are concentrated on the cross – love, grace, glory, submission, mercy, truth, worship, etc.

Another thing that should be of interest to anyone who wants to walk closely with God is the consistency of the word of God. Jesus never made a empty statement; every statement he made was corroborated by the word of the Father. The greatest test for truth is consistency with the word of God; anything that does not align one hundred percent with the word of God cannot be truth.

Pray –

  • Lord, help me to align in every area of my life to your purposive will. Help me to cease from my struggles in the name of Jesus
  • I enthrone you as my Lord and my leader. Help me to depend more and more on you just like a weaned child. Yours I am and yours I want to be forever.
  • Jesus, I declare that you are the alpha and omega, the very essence and substance of my life. I appreciate you. I depend on you. Without you I am nothing but through you and in you I am more than a conqueror. Strengthen me by your spirit. I look up to you in the mighty name of Jesus.

Jesus never came to raise superficial people, he came to raise ambassadors, he came to raise true representatives of himself. He came to raise those whom he empowered to be able to crush snakes and scorpions. He never came to raise bread and butter Christians. This sort of Christianity originated as a result of man’s dilution of the original. A true child of God is supposed to be a very intense person; full of power and wisdom of God, not loud but completely submissive to the Holy Spirit, not an exhibitionist. He knows to whom the power belongs. This is the kind of people that God intends us to be.

One of the ways you can identify truth is that it has no embellishment. Truth is eternal. When all is said and done, truth will stand. Any ministry that is not built on truth is standing on quick sand. This is the test for truth – if it is not the truth in all, it is not the truth at all. All over the place you find people chasing after miracles, looking for a God that was never lost; a God they are not prepared to completely obey.


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