• He is also the God of Moses. Exo. 7:1-6. One encounter that you are going to have with this God will revolutionize your life. God will not only deliver you, he will make you a deliverer. This was Moses who ran away from Pharaoh at the age of forty when he thought he could help himself; relying on raw strength and less connection with God. God took him through the wilderness and stripped him of every self-dependence; God taught him a lesson he never forgot. The first commandment God gave Moses in Exo. 3 was to put off his shoes because he is standing on a holy land. The essence of putting off his shoes was to strip him of pride of redemption, pride of I can do it is the first thing God judged in the life of Moses. In Israel, there was a custom that required putting off one’s shoes as a sign that one could not redeem one’s inheritance. God was telling Moses that he is the Lord of lords and the King of kings. ‘Acknowledge that you cannot fix it’. It was ‘I can fix it’ that led him into the wilderness in the first place but he had to learn that lesson. The greatest thing you can do is to humble yourself before God and allow him to empower you and use you to the glory, praise and honour of his name. From that moment, Moses became a God man not just a man of God but a God man. God said I will make you a god unto Pharaoh. What does Pharaoh represent? He was the concentration of all the dark powers; he was a personification of everything that represented evil authorities. May the Lord fortify you so much that anywhere you enter, no occultist or satanist will be able to operate where you are; they must bow before the God you serve. This is power encounter. Even if they try to resist you, they cannot resist God. If they try to resist God, he will unleash miracles of terror in the camp of your Egyptians, and they will release all your blessings by force and you will get to your promised land.
  • He is also the God of David. 1 Sam. 17:32-52. The God of David is the God that demystifies giants. Your goliath must fall before the God of David, in the mighty name of Jesus. The weapon the enemy intended to use against you is the same weapon that will be used to slaughter them. All it takes is one anointed sling and the power of God will guide that anointed sling in the name of Jesus. He is the God that knows no defeat. From today; you will never suffer any defeat again. One thing that is common with all these men is exploits; miracles. With God, miracles are normal operations. If you are connected with God and you are not seeing miracles, you need to check your connection.
  • He is the God of Elijah. 1Kgs 18:21-24. In 2 Kgs 2:11-15, He is the God who answereth by fire. The life of Elijah was so characterized by fiery ministrations that even when he was departing, he was taken by chariots of fire. As earlier emphasized, it is the spirit you manifest here that will eventually take you home. Elijah manifested so much fire in his ministry, he walked with God so much, he knew the presence of God so much that the very glory fire of God became his signature. The very glory fire of God was something Elijah was so accustomed to that it was what eventually took him home. Elijah did not die physically. When Elisha saw it, he screamed. God used Elijah to judge the prophets of baal and he ensured that none of them escaped because he was a consummate warrior. If you are serving the living God, you must know that the God we are serving who is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Elijah is a consummate warrior. He is Jehovah Sabaoth, the Lord God of Hosts, the host of heaven and the host of hell. God is in charge. He is Lord even in hell. When you are connected to this God, you can silence the voice of hell. God will use you to sentence demons to where they rightly belong. One of the signs that should follow us as Christians is the ability to cast out devils. If the enemy has thought that it is finished with you, all it takes is one encounter with Jesus and there will be a sudden turn around. From today, your life will not be ordinary; you are for signs and for wonders because the God of Elijah is your God.


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