God described the serpent as a piercing serpent. Once you deal with the serpent of hardship, there will be fruitfulness, there will be rejoicing, there will be celebration and songs. That is what God is about to release into your life; he is about to deal with the piercing serpent. Nobody can deal with the leviathan better than God. This ancient serpent has seven heads which it uses to launch its attack on man here on earth. You can imagine the kind of sword that is required to deal with such a massive animal. Of course, it is an anointed sword. Remember that our God is a consuming fire, when he takes over the battles of your life, his presence will consume the thorns and they will be converted to manure that will fertilize your growth, you will begin to blossom and flourish. And it will make you exceedingly fruitful, barrenness will be terminated, every trace of scarcity will be consumed by fire. You will suffer no more, your presence will create supernatural abundance, the Lord will terminate every woe in your life, your season of labour without benefit has come to an end. The Lord will transform you and make you a transformer. That is what God wants to make out of you and it shall come to pass in Jesus name.

One of the ways by which you can identify the wicked is that the wicked always create scarcity. There are people who must never, under any circumstances, enter your world; there are people who you must not enthrone into leadership positions because anointing flows from the head.

Many years ago, when I finished the mandatory one-year youth service corps programme in Nigeria and after re-dedicating my life to Christ, I started trusting God for a job. The Lord showed me in a dream how I went to our letter box and found a letter addressed to me with the emblem of the Federal Government of Nigeria; it was a letter of interview for employment. On opening the letter, however, I discovered that some parts of the letter had been eaten up by rats. I jumped out of bed immediately and went straight to the letter box and guess what, I found a letter with white envelop addressed to me. I rejoiced when I saw it and more so, there was no sign of physical damage by rats. My rejoicing was, however, short-lived when on opening the envelop, I found out that the interview I was being invited for had already taken place three months earlier. I saw the letter in January but the date for the interview was October of the previous year. Behold the ‘rat’.

If you are connected to God, any rat assigned against your breakthrough will die, and you will experience your breakthrough; this is because the presence of God will consume the rat. I prayed enquiry prayers asking the Lord the next line of action to take but I didn’t receive any response. Nevertheless, this experience drew me closer to God. After you have prayed and prayed without change in your situation, try what I call “early morning conference with God”. It was during one of such encounters that I saw myself attending an interview in Lagos. I was right at the back of a very long queue when a man in white uniform suddenly left his seat in the front and made his way straight to where I was standing, he called my name, gave me a hand shake and announced to me ‘you got the job’.

The next day, I packed my baggage and travelled down to Lagos and went to the office where the letter emanated from. I met the man I saw in my dream and he attended to me and told me that the interview actually took place few months back but he went ahead and sent me to an electrical electronic engineering lab where a panel of interview was set up for me. Towards the end of the interview, one of the men brought out an electrical diagram which I was not familiar with and asked me to explain what it was. The Holy Spirit enabled me to guess right and that was how I got the job and eventually became the head of department of the unit.


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