• The Holy Spirit is the One that will reveal God’s secrets and mysteries to us. 1 Cor. 2:9-14, “That is what is meant by the scriptures which say that no mere man has ever seen, heard or even imagined what wonderful things God has ready for those who love the Lord. But we know about these things because God has sent his Spirit to tell us, and his Spirit searches out and shows us all of God’s deepest secrets. No one can know what anyone else is thinking or what he is really like, except that person himself. And no one can know God’s thoughts except God’s own Spirit. And God has actually given us his Spirit (not the world’s spirit) to tell us about the wonderful free gifts of grace and blessing that God has given us. In telling you about these gifts we have even used the very words given to us by the Holy Spirit, not words that we as men might choose. So we use the Holy Spirit’s words to explain the Holy Spirit’s facts. But the man who isn’t a Christian can’t understand and can’t accept these thoughts from God, which the Holy Spirit teaches us. They sound foolish to him, because only those who have the Holy Spirit within them can understand what the Holy Spirit means. Others just can’t take it in.” There are always mysteries. But God does not reveal his secrets to those who don’t fear him. “The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant. Psa. 25:14 (KJV). God shows his secret to those who reverence him; those who have surrendered their will to his will. Quite a number of people are trapped in places where they went to seek divination. If you are still in the habit of going from one place to the other for people to ‘see’ for you, you are in serious trouble. The Holy Spirit will reveal secrets that you need to you. The last place where I worked before dropping paid employment was a very strong place where we were always given impossible targets. But at that time, I was already a spiritual Christian and the leader of the intercessory group at the local Church where I worshiped. So, I was prayerful and careful. If you are prayerful, you must also be careful so that you can become powerful. My immediate boss was a very funny man. God helped me and I started succeeding and even exceeding my targets but instead of rejoicing with me, my boss became envious. How did I accomplish this feat? Any time we were given a target, I always presented it before God trusting him to do the miraculous. My exploits even caught the attention of the Chairman of the organization. At a point, my boss decided to give me a query for no reason at all. I was very angry and I presented the query before God that night before going to bed. In my dream, that night, God took me to where my boss went to hide a model of my proposal; it was in an altar dripping with blood. The next morning, I went straight to his office, called him by name and said, ‘you are sitting on a keg of gun powder’. My boss was shocked and got up from his seat. I just prayed in tongues and left his office. Shortly after this incident, my boss went to the gas station and as he was coming out of his car, he slumped and was rushed to the hospital. Even while he was still recuperating in the hospital, he was given a query! Eventually, when he resumed, he told one of his boys to beware of the people that carry the Bible. However, his behaviour never changed. I eventually made up my mind to leave the organization at the peak of my career. I submitted my resignation letter directly at the Chairman’s office. The Managing Director tried to persuade me to stay but I was resolute because at that time, the call of God was already very strong on me. When I left, I enrolled in a Bible School where I was having a very good time. By the time I went back to the organization to collect my benefits, I was told that the man had been sacked in a very humiliating manner. He was caught red handed in a shady deal. By that time, I had made progress in life and was even in the process of setting up my own business, so I did not derive any pleasure from his misfortune. The point I am trying to make, however, is that you must take your walk with God very seriously, if you do, he will show you deep things. You don’t need anybody to see vision for you. Whatever God has not shown to you, it means it is not necessary. If it is necessary, God will not only show you he will give you the solution. Your walk with the Holy Spirit is supposed to be enjoyable. Have you ever felt high in the spirit? Have you ever felt joy and satisfaction which nothing down here can give?


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