It keeps us conscious of the Holy Spirit within. What does the Holy Spirit within do for us? The Spirit within is for regeneration, it is for transformation. That is what transforms you from glory to glory. It is because we are not making the most of this, in other words, we are not allowing the Holy Spirit within to transform our lives, that we want to be like the world. There is the Spirit upon, the Spirit within and the Spirit with.

Most people prefer the Spirit upon because the Spirit upon is for exploits; also called the anointing. But the spirit within makes you more and more like Christ. Christians in the Church today do not believe that the best they can ever be is to be like Christ despite the fact that they are Christians. Which is a greater office – the call of God or the call of profession? Remember that the Holy Spirit is a gentle Spirit, you can quench him. If you don’t allow him to transform you, he will not force you. He does not go beyond the level you yield your will to him. Wherever you want him to stop, there he stops. Anywhere you park, there you dwell but it is a very dangerous thing to do. If the children of Israel parked when the cloud was moving, they wouldn’t have entered the promised land.

There is danger in parking when the Holy Spirit is still moving, make sure you don’t park. Quite a number of people park too early and as a result they struggle for the rest of their life. Unfortunately, they start attributing their problems to an external enemy. When you park, you attract many dusts. Move when the Holy Spirit moves, but it takes your will. He is never going to compel you, so if you park, he moves. A lot of Christians in many Cathedrals today have parked. If you want to be a consecrated worshipper, you have to be close to God. Don’t be a courtyard worshipper. If you stop at the courtyard, you will never see the glory.

Stop worshipping God from afar, don’t be too encumbered. Only one thing is needful. Mary chose it and she got it. Are you climbing in your walk with the Holy Ghost? Many people are so focused on their career, they are climbing the corporate ladder but they have cut off the Holy Spirit. What a tragedy! It is the spirit that leads you on that will lead you home.


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