Sunday service


The happiest people on earth are not necessarily the richest, as a matter of fact, there are very many rich people who cannot sleep without being injected with sedatives in spite of all the money they have. Sometime in 1991, I travelled to the United States of America under miraculous circumstances and I was invited for an outing, a get-together organized by a fellow Nigerian who lives in the USA. It was a very nice outing held in the mansion of this fellow, a very beautiful environment. We had a good time and in high spirits I decided to join some others to play volley ball inside the mansion. I never knew that the owner of the mansion, our host, a successful man, was watching my moves and so after the game, he called me aside and said, ‘young man, you are a very happy person’, I said yes. He responded, ‘I know why, it is because you are not married! I later found out that the man had gone through a very traumatic divorce that almost stripped him of everything he had. He had to start his life all over again. Apparently, something had died in him, he was no longer happy in spite of his accomplishments. There are very many people like that so never you make the mistake of thinking that the richest are the happiest; the rich also cry! The most miserable people I have come across were all very rich. When I was much younger, I was a lawn tennis star and was exposed to clubs where the rich abound; they were owners of thriving businesses back then but they were not happy. May you not sell your happiness for money; may you not sell your liberty for money in the mighty name of Jesus. People do this on a daily basis; they give out things so easily for the sake of money and eventually find out that what they have given out can actually not be repurchased with money. They do this because of lack of placement of value. If you don’t place value on the little things that God has done for you, you will not appreciate them. Those ‘little things’ are actually not little things at all. For instance, we take for granted the oxygen that we breathe in not minding the fact that some people pay to get oxygen in hospitals. Pray –

Father, I thank you for generously providing for me. I thank you that you have made all things beautiful in my life. I thank you because your original blue print for my life is that of comprehensive prosperity. Lord, anything that will make me value mammon in my heart above you, do not allow it to happen in the name of Jesus.

In any way that I have ever misplaced my worship, Lord, I repent, I am sorry and I ask you, O God, to grant me the grace to worship you above mammon and never to have mammon as my master in the name of Jesus.
I declare that money will serve me, I will never serve money, I will never worship money in the name of Jesus. Thank you faithful God. My worship is for Jehovah the living God in Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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