Sunday service


  • Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit as God cannot be forgiven. Matt. 12:31-32. To blaspheme means to castigate, to malign, to cast aspersion, to speak evil of a divine personality. Lay your hand on your heart and pray – Heavenly Father, in any way that I have ever spoken unadvisedly against the Holy Spirit, I am sorry. In your mercy, O God, forgive me and help me never to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Precious Holy Spirit, I proclaim that you are God, please help me, I depend on you. Reveal yourself more unto me and help me to walk with you. Fill me to overflowing and display your glory through me in Jesus name.


This testimony illustrates how error can be inimical to progress. Sometime ago, a Sister came to my office for counselling and I gave her a simple assignment to pray in tongues for a while. I was shocked when the Sister told me that she does not pray in tongues, considering her position in her Church. According to her, speaking in tongues is not for everybody; it a gift which God decides to give to those whom he chooses to. She was very defensive and aggressive in her response but I didn’t want to engage in any form of argument with her so the Holy Spirit guided me. I asked her to please do me a favour by coming back in a week’s time to enable get ready for her sixteen reasons why she must speak in tongues. She came back after a week as promised and I gave her a note containing sixteen reasons why she must pray in tongues; she took her time and copied the note diligently.

Exactly one week after this, she came back and told me that she was ready to be baptized in the Holy Ghost. Fortunately, there was another Sister around to assist me, so we went to the ministering room; as she raised her hands in prayer, the Holy Spirit descended very powerfully upon her and she started speaking in tongues uncontrollably. Truth is superior to error. From that moment, the Sister’s life was transformed, she became a very powerful evangelist to the glory of God.

Speaking in tongues is one of the ways to activate Holy Ghost assisted performance. After I have prayed in tongues for hours, I get caught up in the spirit realm and I suddenly find out that heaven is full of wonders. Usually, I come down with new songs. Glory to God.


  • Father, I thank you for your programme for my life. I thank you for the things you have revealed to me in your word. I thank you for the personality of the Holy Spirit; thank you for the divinity of the precious Holy Spirit. Lord, I worship you in Jesus name.
  • This year, Lord, help me to know you more so that I can serve you the more in the name of Jesus. Grant me the grace to walk deeply with you in such a way that I have never walked before in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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