Sunday service


Many people only know about the mercy of God. But this is only one side of God. There is the mercy side of God and there is the truth side of God. The mercy side is the one that people project most of the time but the truth side and the mercy side of God cross each other forming a cross (the vertical side is the truth side while the horizontal side is the mercy side). It is the prerogative of God to show mercy and it is in that mercy that he decides to give that which is ultimately beneficial to his children while pruning them of all their rough edges so that they can become perfect.

God hates sin enough to allow his precious son that was sinless to die in order to atone for all our sins at the cross. It is at the cross that divinity meets humanity, it is at the cross that you have reconciliation. The cross of Christ is the greatest demonstration of grace. Inheritance is meant for sons and not for babes. And the greatest you can be is to be a son of God. The bible says “behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God” (1 John 3:1B).

There is nothing as beneficial as the presence of God. The reason why people have issues and continue to have issues is because they don’t understand the principles of God. Everything that happened in this Psalm happened because of the presence of the Almighty God. In his presence is fullness of joy, it is God’s presence that gives meaning to life. In his presence, battles are fought and won on your behalf without your knowledge. The children of Israel never had to battle with wild beasts in the wilderness because the beasts knew their limits. The fire of the presence of God keeps the wild beasts away from you.

Psa. 114:3 says, “the sea saw it and fled”. The children of Israel were so saturated with the presence of God that when the sea saw them, it fled. The sea signifies a lot of things. A lot of problems are associated with the sea. Sea talks about dagon, sea talks about a major spiritual gate of hell – the water gate; a concentration of another world through which the devil afflicts the children of God. It is from the sea that a lot of pollutions come, it is from the sea that dagon anoints some young girls to go and seduce people in order to put the seal of dagon on them through just one act of disobedience.

God has a wonderful inheritance for you. When you operate with God, you operate in a fear-free zone. The forces that were sent to kill you will be destroyed without even your uttering any prayer.

PRAY:- Heavenly father I worship you. I thank you for the wonderful inheritance you have prepared for me. Grant me the grace to be addicted to your presence. Let the blessings of your presence be manifest in every facet of my life. In my journey in life, let your glory shine though me any where I go in Jesus’ Name. Amen


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