Sunday service



I break away from every claim of idolatry. I break away from every tie with idolatry. I break away from every cord with idolatry. I break away from every agreement with idolatry in the name of Jesus.

I proclaim that I have a new deal in Christ Jesus. I have a wonderful inheritance in the name of Jesus.

Father, empower me by your spirit to love you; to hate what you hate and to love what you love in the name of Jesus. Thank you Most Holy God, I proclaim that through you, I shall do valiantly in Jesus name.

  • Father, help me to drop every idol, help me to keep away from every idol, you know the idols, help me o Lord to keep myself from every idol. Build your hedge of the precious blood of Jesus around my soul to ward off any idol whatsoever in the name of Jesus. I have opted to follow you and to walk with you Lord, grant me this grace, thank you faithful God.
  • Father, help me to make it to the Promised Land. Anything that I am holding onto, that is capable of debarring me from entering my allotted inheritance in you, Lord, I drop it today. Lord, grant me the grace to burn the bridge so that I can become all that you want me to be in Jesus name.
  • I re-dedicate my life afresh to you, Lord, in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, set me free from evil family patterns in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord, I ask that you terminate every evil family pattern in my life, in my family today because of the finished work on the cross. Terminate every evil family pattern that is following me.
  • Lord, I run to you, I run to your patronage, Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, I depend on your finished work on the cross of Calvary to deliver me comprehensively from evil family patterns. Deliver me from the things that bind, from the things that hinder, from the things that fetter, from the things that do not want me to be who you want me to be and enter my inheritance in you, in the name of Jesus.
  • I connect to you Jesus. I depend on you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. .I proclaim that since the Son of God has set me free, I am free indeed in Jesus name. Amen.

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